Timex Women's Easy Reader 2H351 Review


The Timex 2H351 is another women's watch in Timex's popular Easy Reader line. Timex Easy Reader 2H351 reviews affirm the easy readability of this watch. At Kohl's reviews say the large numbers on the dial are visible to elderly users, including stroke victims. The sharp contrast between the dark hands and the light face further enhance readability, note reviews posted at Walmart. The Indiglo feature, which lights up the face for time checks in dim light (at the movies, for instance, or in case you've forgotten a flashlight), is an added plus, although reviews caution against excessive use of the Indiglo button, which can wear down the battery. Users say the watch is comfortable enough for all-day wearing and the water resistance feature means you can keep it on while doing the dishes or showering. A couple of users say the band looks dull or feels tight, but several report taking it to a jewelry counter to have links removed from the expansion band for a tighter fit. There seems to be general agreement that the Easy Reader 2H351 keeps accurate time because few reviews even mention the matter.

This version of the Timex Easy Reader (starting at $35, Amazon) has a gold colored metal band with a round mineral crystal. It's an analog watch that uses a quartz movement and comes with a second hand and a date display. It's water resistant to 30 meters, or 99 feet, and as noted above, features the proprietary Indiglo technology.

The Timex Easy Reader 2H351 is a dressy, understated, easy-on-the-eyes watch. It looks nice enough for more formal occasions but is practical enough for daily use. Reports indicate it's a resilient timepiece that's worth its budget price.

Michael Sweet

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