Men's Invicta 9938 Pro Diver Review


The Invicta 9938 dive watch claims lots of admirers for its rugged good looks and reliability. Invicta 9938 Pro Diver reviews at Amazon assert it could almost be mistaken for a brand name timepiece that's far pricier and known for its trendy, upmarket reputation. The gold-plated highlights on the stainless steel band and the blue face and bezel garner adjectives such as "awesome" and "beautiful" from users, who also write in reviews about the comfortable fit and feel of this analog watch. Users appreciate the quiet ticking and accurate time-keeping, although some reviews say the watch gains a couple of minutes a day and thus needs periodic adjustment. One diver who uses the women's version of the Invicta 9938 reports in a review that hers has stayed dry through four years of diving to depths of 90 feet and the crystal has remained unmarred by scratches. While a watch review at What Watches suggests this model is impervious to knocks and drops, another commenter notes that the pins holding the links on the band don't appear to be stainless steel and may not stand up to too many dunks in saltwater.

Unlike the budget watches we researched, the Invicta 9938 Pro Diver (starting at $279) uses an automatic movement rather than a battery-powered quartz movement; simply wearing the watch keeps it wound, but a long night of rest (that is, without any motion to power the movement) may be the longest the watch can go without needing a jolt from a peripheral winder or your arm. This watch also boasts a "flame fusion" crystal, which is a bonded mineral-sapphire material that combines the shatter resistance of mineral crystals with the scratch resistance of sapphire crystals. It has a magnified date display, luminous dial and hands (including one that marks seconds), and is water resistant to 200 meters, or 660 feet.

The Invicta 9938 Pro Diver is pretty far up the price scale compared to the watches in the Cheapism range, but it's a well-made watch and a good value given its elegance, build quality, and automatic movement, which is a neat alternative to the many quartz movement watches in the budget range.

Michael Sweet

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