Men's Timex 30-Lap Ironman T53151 Review


Watches in the Timex Ironman lineup have long been a favorite of men and women who want a digital timepiece that can withstand the rigors of athletic activities and provide users with relevant and reliable data. Timex 30-Lap Ironman T53151 reviews at Overstock say that this version of the Ironman keeps perfect time, is comfortable to wear, and survives swims, marathons, mountain biking, and canoeing, as well as showers and downtime at night. One user particularly likes that this watch is a little slimmer and smaller than many sport watches, which makes it possible to wear long sleeves without fuss and bother. It also scores points with users who posted at Amazon. where reviews extol its durability, reliability, longevity, and ease of use. Many users are repeat buyers, having been hooked by its range of sport-oriented features, including a 24-hour countdown timer and a lap counter, its strong performance under punishing circumstances, and a battery that doesn't flag. Reviews note that the function buttons are easy to press and the watch is easy to read. It's also lightweight and comfortable on the wrist; a few users, however, grumble that the watchband wears out too fast.

Aside from the features noted above, the Ironman T53151 (starting at $24, Amazon) boasts a 30-lap memory recall; lap and split times and recall; 100-hour chronograph; weekday and weekend alarms; two time zone settings; a day, date, and month display; and the Indiglo night light. This is a digital model with a quartz movement, a resin strap and case, and an acrylic crystal (one Timex 30-Lap review says the face is still easy to read despite scratches on the crystal). It's water resistant to 100 meters, or 330 feet.

Athletic types appreciate the 30-Lap Ironman because it's a dependable and functional tool if you're serious about your workouts and into other strenuous physical activity. The watch is accurate, comfortable, and attractive, but also very affordable.

Michael Sweet

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