Culligan FM-15A Review



When it comes to low-cost water filters, Culligan isn't the name on everyone's lips, but perhaps it should be. This faucet filter is one of the cheapest and best.

Culligan FM-15A reviews on Amazon reflect the popularity of this faucet filter. More than 1,600 consumers have left feedback, and half of them give the product five stars (the highest rating). Here and on other sites, such as, users report that the faucet attachment is easy to install: You simply click the filter into place with one of the provided attachments. The Culligan FM-15A (starting at $16, Amazon) fits many different types of faucets (although not all) without getting in the way of dishwashing and other duties, partly due to its small size. Less bulk doesn't mean less capacity, though -- users can get up to 200 gallons per filter. Culligan nonetheless recommends changing the filter about every two months, the same window recommended for pour-through filters that handle only 40 gallons. One replacement filter should set you back about $10 or so.

The Culligan FM-15A filter is certified by NSF International to remove chlorine, sediment, unpleasant taste and odor, atrazine, lead, lindane, and turbidity. The company offers a two-year limited warranty on this product, far longer than the typical 90-day guarantees for pour-through pitchers and dispensers, which are often more expensive. Reviews contain few reports of leakage, a major issue for many other faucet-mounted models.

To get filtered water from the faucet, users simply pull out the valve stem on the Culligan FM-15A. The filter is supposed to switch back to unfiltered mode automatically. One of the main cons cited in Culligan FM-15A reviews is that the water flow is on the slow side, coming out as a smaller stream than it would without the filter. Some reviewers also complain that replacement filters are hard to install, requiring tools to get the job done, although the instructions don't indicate that any tools are necessary.

The low price of this product means that buyers are getting a relatively basic design. The filter has only a sticker indicator to remind users when to change it. Still, each filter treats twice as many gallons as the other faucet filter on our list and five times as much water as the pitchers and dispensers. In general, the Culligan FM-15A is a cost-effective and reliable option for faucet filtering.

Jennifer Magid

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