Entenmann's Doughnuts Review



Entenmann's fell short on variety, but the samples tasted were a hit: second place in the glazed category and tops for chocolate doughnuts. The price is also more than right.

Entenmann's fell short on variety during our review, but the doughnuts our panelists tasted were a hit. We were able to sample only two doughnut types: glazed and chocolate. Of the former, one taster detected a hint of citrus and described the confection as "very refreshing and good." This doughnut attracted two votes away from the category leader Krispy Kreme. The chocolate won support from three panelists -- enough to claim the title here -- for what they deemed a "richer taste" and a "sweeter, more flavored chocolate" than the competition.

In online reviews of other Entenmann's doughnuts, points are awarded for providing a quick sugar hit. But a handful of reviews at Amazon protest what they allege are recipe changes that have undermined the doughnuts' former goodness. One says they seem smaller than before and another bemoans the waxy taste of the chocolate icing and the dryness of the cake doughnut.

What started in 1898 as a single bakery has grown into a mega producer of baked goods, including loaf cakes, Little Bites Snacks, cookies, muffins, cakes, danishes, and pies, that are sold through supermarkets and convenience stores. Entenmann's doughnuts are prepackaged, in sets of eight, and sell for rock-bottom prices. (Each pack costs about $5.29, which translates to just 66 cents per doughnut.) A glazed doughnut contains 260 calories and 13 grams of fat; the chocolate cake doughnut boasts 290 calories with 19 grams of fat.

The Entenmann's doughnut selection is certainly limited compared with the doughnut chains, and definitely restrictive compared with going into a bakery and ordering the particular doughnuts you crave. But if you're hankering for a good chocolate or glazed doughnut or feeding a sugar-starved crowd on a budget, look no further than your local grocery store.

Raechel Conover

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