LifeTrak Move C300 Review


This is a surprisingly inexpensive wrist-worn fitness tracker that doubles as a watch and includes a heart-rate monitor, offering consumers the features of a high-end tracker without the cost.

LifeTrak Move C300 reviews point to the built-in heart monitor as one of the factors that makes this inexpensive fitness tracker stand out in a crowded field of offerings. The device can also track steps taken, distance traveled, and estimated calories burned. This is a solid choice for someone who wants a wrist-worn device that tracks the basics and includes a few bells and whistles.

The LifeTrak Move C300 (starting at $47, Amazon) doubles as a watch, telling the time, day, and date with a large digital display on the front. The low-res display draws some criticism, although one reviewer posting on Amazon counters that it gives the device a stylish, retro feel. Many commenters also discuss the useful information displayed: steps, distance, calories, daily activity, a chart of the past seven days' activity, and current heart rate.

At PC Mag, a LifeTrak Move C300 review grants that the inclusion of a heart rate monitor on such a cheap tracker makes this a great value for consumers on a budget. However, the reviewer also found the tracking data to be inaccurate during a bike ride. When walking or running, users can pick from three different gaits (light, normal, and heavy), which leads to fairly accurate measurements, according to Tom's Guide. The accuracy of the heart-rate monitor is reportedly very good for a wrist-worn device. This may be in part because the manufacturer of the Move C300 is the same company behind many of the heart-rate monitors built into fitness equipment in gyms around the country.

Heart rate and other data can be tracked over time using the new LifeTrak app, available for recent Apple and Android mobile devices, or a compatible third-party app (the Move C300 can't sync with computers). A LifeTrak Move C300 review by TechHive highlights the Argus app as a well-designed and easy-to-use companion for this fitness tracker. Some owners report that they prefer the MapMyFitness app for uploading their data.

There is an upgraded band on the market now, the LifeTrak Zone C410 (starting at $65). It has all the features of the Move C300, plus sleep-tracking capability, but reviews of the band’s performance in that area are mixed. The primary flaw, users say: The automatic sleep detector reads any prolonged period of inactivity (for example, sitting at a desk) as sleep. It doesn’t seem worth paying extra money, then, for a feature that may or may not add value.

The LifeTrak Move C300 is a feature-laden option for consumers on a budget. The heart-rate monitor helps wearers stay within a fat-burning or aerobic-training "zone" during exercise and increases the accuracy of the data on calories burned. Not all wrist-worn fitness trackers include a display, and having one enables the Move C300 to double as a watch. Overall consumer and expert reviewers find this a comfortable, informative, and motivational addition to a fitness plan.

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