Weight Watchers Smart Ones Ravioli Florentine Review



The "hearty," "well-seasoned" sauce and "good texture" of this Weight Watchers pasta elevated it to the top of tasters' grocery lists. Some wished for more oomph from the cheese filling, but more than half the group named the Ravioli Florentine as their hands-down favorite diet food in the pasta category.

At just over $2 for an 8.5-ounce meal, Weight Watchers Smart Ones Ravioli Florentine is a good buy for calorie counters. Our review by a panel of tasters determined that this frozen diet pasta beat out others costing up to $1.50 more. They praised the "good sauce with some zest" and a mild cheese filling that rated the "best so far." They liked the texture and seasoning, and while some expressed a preference for a more robust filling, the majority found the dish to be sufficiently substantial.

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Ravioli Florentine reviews posted at Viewpoints echo the sentiments of our panelists, giving the Ravioli Florentine an average of 81 out of 100 points from the 20 user comments submitted. One reviewer writes that the dish is perfect for a quick meal, and notes that the slightly sweet sauce is amenable to flavor adjustments, such as a shake of pepper and a toss of grated cheese. Like most other reviewers, she gives the entree a solid 8 points out of 10. Many Weight Watchers Smart Ones Ravioli Florentine reviews report that the portion is filling but some tell of pairing it with lean meat or additional fruits and vegetables for a more satisfying dinner.

On its own, this meal weighs in at 270 calories, with a Weight Watchers Points Plus value of 7. It contains 5 grams of fat, or 8 percent of the average person's daily value (DV). Vitamin C content reaches 15 percent of DV, calcium hits 20 percent, and vitamin A sits at 25 percent. There are 12 grams of protein in a single serving of Ravioli Florentine. It's worth noting that, like most prepared foods, it is high in sodium -- 860 mg, which equates to 36 percent DV. While the Weight Watchers ravioli is both low-cost and low-calorie, it may not be a good choice for anyone with high blood pressure or other medical issues requiring a low-salt diet.

Gina Briles

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