Kashi Chicken Enchiladas Review



Panelists liked this enchilada's "good," "slightly spicy smell," and said it "looks like it's packed full of veggies." The "crunchy texture" and "sweet, mild flavor" appealed to most, although one taster questioned, "green stuff in an enchilada?"

More than half of our review panel rated the Kashi Chicken Enchiladas as their second favorite enchilada meal. The Kashi brand was another of the more expensive options we dished out, at $3 for a 9-ounce serving. As with the frozen diet pastas category, this second-fiddle microwave meal trailed a cheaper offering, but still did well with testers. The consensus opinion in the Kashi Chicken Enchiladas review: "packed full of veggies" with a "chunky consistency." The "sweet, mild" "tomato flavor" was deemed "good" by most panelists, who also noted a hint of spice in the aroma. One woman was less complimentary, saying that the meal was "better than some" but that "doesn't mean it's good."

A blogger at The Suburban Soapbox joined ranks with our Kashi Chicken Enchiladas reviewers, saying she enjoyed the taste and the accompanying grains but recommended augmenting the mild flavors with a few simple add-ons, like hot sauce and grated, spicy cheese. A self-proclaimed frozen food master gave Kashi Chicken Enchiladas ($3/9 oz.) 4.5 out of 5 stars for taste in his video review at Freezer Burns but took some issue with the meal's consistency and the "soggy" tortilla.

Again, as with the other frozen diet meals we tested, sodium content is considerable -- 620 mg, which is 26 percent of the recommended daily intake -- although the calorie count is a comfortable 280. A serving also contains 6 grams of fiber, or 24 percent of daily value (DV), and supplies 10 percent of the recommended average calcium and iron intake. Total fat content hits 9 grams, for a DV of 14 percent. Both vitamin A and C are absent.

Gina Briles

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