DiGiorno Half & Half Review



GOOD FROZEN PEPPERONI PIZZA. DiGiorno's half-cheese, half-pepperoni pie did double duty in our blind taste test, but only the pepperoni side passed muster with tasters. It earned the second-highest score in the category largely on the backs of its big pieces of pepperoni -- called "a little spicy" by panelists -- and its "salty, saucy, savory" flavor profile.

We tested this half-cheese, half-pepperoni option in both categories, but only the pepperoni side curried favor in DiGiorno Half & Half reviews from our panel. This was the second-highest-rated pepperoni pizza in our blind test. Testers awarded it mostly 3's and 4's, for an average rating of 3.4 out of 5 points. This score may not seem impressive at first glance, but even the first-place winner in the cheese category didn't rate so high.

DiGiorno Half & Half reviews were mixed on the crust, however. Some called it "doughy" and others described it as "grainy." Some said the "cheese was kinda stiff" and others opined that the pizza needed more sauce. However, the "spicy pepperoni" and "tangy" flavor helped mitigate those complaints.

Interestingly, the cheese side of this half-and-half pizza from DiGiorno scored only 2.7 out of 5, leading us to conclude that the pepperoni plays a big part in the appeal of this particular pie. It cost $5 at our local supermarket. At a weight of 30 ounces, that works out to just under 17 cents per ounce.

Online assessments are few and far between. In DiGiorno Half & Half reviews on SheSpeaks, moms mention that they appreciate being able to buy only one pizza to please kids with two different tastes. The team behind the Slice blog on Serious Eats included an exclusively pepperoni version in a taste test and sided with our panelists who declared the crust far too doughy, but they liked the not-too-sweet sauce. While there's no mistaking this for delivery pizza, they said, it has its own charm.

Gina Briles

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