Totino's Pizza Review


Think Twice

Deemed "unappetizing" by one taster and "the worst pizza ever" by another, Totino's Party Pizza was the lowest-priced but also far and away the lowest-ranked cheese pizza we put in front of our panel. From a "slimy, stiff crust" to a taste called "very artificial," the pie was panned across the board. Interestingly, two tasters said it was their personal favorite, despite giving it poor marks. By way of explanation, one commented that the pizza undoubtedly is "not great, but it brings back college."

At a mere dollar per individual-sized pizza and a paltry 10 cents per ounce, Totino's pizza ($1 for 9.8 ounces, or 10 cents an ounce) was by far the best-priced option on our list. The value the pizza offered for that bargain-basement price is a trickier topic to address. Totino's pizza reviews from our blind taste test made it clear that the cheese variety in particular has many failings.

Panelists called the appearance "unappetizing," "cheap," and "very odd." As for aroma, they commented that this budget pie "smells bad," "like potato chips, not pizza." The taste was likened to "cardboard," with testers drawing attention to the "slimy, stiff crust" and the "very artificial sauce and cheese." Online, a disgruntled Totino's pizza review on the Amazon Fresh grocery service site points to the chemical-heavy list of ingredients. Most of our tasters ranked this Totino's pizza a dismal 1 out of 5, with a 2 out of 5 and a 0 out of 5 thrown in for good measure.

Shockingly, given the panelists' negative feedback, three said they would eat it again and two identified this as their personal favorite among the cheese pizzas, despite giving it low scores. In explanation, one Totino's pizza lover allowed that the pie is "not great, but it brings back college."

Gina Briles

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