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Humidifier Performance

The humidifier reviews we read indicate that consumers judge these small household appliances on several criteria. Maintenance is critical, and here, humidifier reviews suggest that consumers value models that are easy to refill and clean.

Noise is also a big issue, and most humidifiers have a bad reputation for being loud. Moisture output is obviously important, and users posting humidifier reviews insist on nothing less than adequate amounts of moisture released into the air. The models we added to our list earn favorable reviews from consumers, but as usual, there are a few naysayers in every bunch.

Humidifier Maintenance.

Lackluster reviews will dog a humidifier that proves difficult to clean and refill. One good way to prevent any maintenance-related surprises is to read the cleaning instructions before you buy (often available on the manufacturer's website).

For the most part, our top picks get a thumbs-up from users for ease of cleaning. Humidifier reviews posted at Home Depot say the Crane EE-5301 Cool Mist is a breeze to clean; one user reports that a weekly wash with a water/white vinegar mixture keeps the unit free of mold and mildew. Most reviewers commenting on Toys R Us agree, with one suggesting Q-tips to clean the corners of the base although another grouses about difficulty getting the unit to dry completely before summer storage and finding a ring of mold the next season. The Vicks Warm Mist V745A is easy to take apart for weekly cleaning -- a chore that takes less than five minutes, say humidifier reviews posted on the Target website -- and one user cautions that failure to do this may cause the unit to stop working. Consumers seem unperturbed by the cleaning needs of the Honeywell HCM-630 QuietCare, as we found only a few comments about this topic in humidifier reviews; consumers do note, however, that the antimicrobial filter should be replaced at least once a month. (By the way, the absence of filters that need replacing on the Crane EE-5301 and Vicks V745A is a convenience that consumers really value, according to the reviews we read.)

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Refilling the water reservoir is more or less a burden that depends as much on frequency and tank design as on the attitude of the individual consumer posting a humidifiers review. Some consumers seem irked that the tank runs dry before the maximum number of hours advertised while others simply report the tank needs to be refilled daily or after a night of use in a child's bedroom. But remember, the frequency with which a humidifier needs a refill is affected by several factors, including the size of the tank, the size of the room, the air temperature, and the desired level of humidity, so don't be disappointed if the tank empties faster than you expect.

As for the actual task of refilling the tank, consumers have firm opinions about the models on our list. The tank of the Crane EE-5301 fits into at least some bathroom sinks, according to humidifier reviews, although a few users report minor leaking around the top when removing the tank from its base. Users commenting on Viewpoints about the Vicks V745A appreciate the easy on and off of the tank. By contrast, some write on Amazon that refilling the Honeywell HCM-630 QuietCare can be cumbersome given the awkward shape of the tank. Then there's the Holmes HM630-U, a model whose tank design many users are quick to critique. Humidifier reviews on Amazon, complain about the curved top on the reservoir, which means you can't set it down while filling, and about the absence of side handles to hold while filling. The end result, according to reviewers, is tanks that slip out of your hands and crack, rendering them useless.

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