Schwinn Turismo Swivel Wheel Jogger Review



The Schwinn Turismo Swivel Wheel Jogger wins a thumbs-up from users for passenger comfort -- the seat is padded and reclines to a full flat position. Many users walk, rather than run, with this stroller and praise its maneuverability.

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Wheel reviews say this jogging stroller provides a very smooth ride no matter the terrain. With the front swivel wheel in its locked position for jogging and two large rear wheels, the stroller handles the unevenness of paved surfaces and dirt trails, report Schwinn Turismo reviews at Amazon, where it also earns plaudits for user-friendly action when the swivel wheel is left to actually swivel -- that is, for non-jogging purposes when turning at right angles and maneuvering through cluttered sidewalks is par for the course. Parents who posted Schwinn Tursimo Swivel Wheel reviews at Target also appreciate the option of loading this model with an infant car seat, a feature that eliminates the need for a travel system stroller. One user reports that a toddler much prefers this jogging stroller to the alternatives, like an umbrella stroller.

Many users seem to rely on the Schwinn Turismo Swivel Wheel (starting at $176, Amazon) for casual walk-abouts and family activities rather than for jogging, partly for the comfort and partly for the easy pushing. A Schwinn Turismo Swivel Wheel review at Schwinn Bikes, indicates that the stroller shows up at soccer games and practices as well as fishing expeditions, asserts that it clearly outperforms a regular stroller for walking on country roads and well-maintained trails. Still, we came across some grumbling about the seemingly frequent need to fill the tires with air and about its 31-pound bulk.

The front swivel wheel measures 12 inches in diameter and the rear wheels boast a 16-inch girth; for the best performance while jogging, lock the front wheel in place. All three wheels come off for folding and storage, and the two rear wheels are fitted with individual foot brakes. The Schwinn Turismo boasts a height-adjustable 5-point safety harness, multi-position seat that's padded and reclines to flat, and an adjustable canopy. There's a spring suspension on an aluminum frame, a rubberized handle that can be adjusted for the adult's height, a parent tray, and a swivel activity tray for the rider. Additional features include a built-in MP3 sound system and an under-seat storage basket.

The majority of Schwinn Turismo Swivel Wheel reviews touch on the comfort afforded both passenger and jogger/walker. This model also scores high for overall value given its rich array of features, versatility, and strong performance. This is a good choice for parents who prize multi-purpose functionality.

Raechel Conover

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