EcoSmart 14-Watt Daylight CFL Review


EcoSmart 14-Watt Daylight CFL reviews paint a much more positive picture than reviews of this light bulb's soft white relative. The color temperature lies on the blue end of the scale, at 5,000 Kelvin, so you wouldn't want to use these bulbs in a place that calls for a more dimly lit atmosphere, such as a living or dining room. One consumer who posted a review on Amazon favors them for bathrooms, noting that the light is ideal for applying makeup. A reviewer from Alaska appreciates that they give the illusion of natural light, especially when the winter months provide very little.

EcoSmart 14-Watt Daylight CFL reviews at Home Depot give the light bulbs credit for appearing bright right away, particularly among users irritated by the waiting period most CFLs require before coming to full brightness. One reviewer estimates the tune-up time at 15 to 20 seconds. The bulbs emit 800 lumens, but users say the light seems brighter because of its cool tint.

Where to buy

The projected lifespan of the EcoSmart 14-Watt Daylight CFL (starting at $2.24, or $8.97 for a four-pack, Amazon) is 10,000 hours and it has a limited nine-year warranty. Although some reviewers have found that the light bulbs bite the dust prematurely, others note that they must be used under the right circumstances. They are not dimmable and, like any CFLs, will last longer if you leave them on for long periods of time than they will if you turn them on and off a lot.

One of the most important features of any CFL bulb is its efficiency, and quite a few EcoSmart 14-Watt Daylight CFL reviews mention energy savings. One reviewer came out $20 ahead on his electric bill, even after deducting the price of the light bulbs. For whatever reason, reviews suggest that the apparent longevity problem plaguing the soft white EcoSmart bulbs has spared the daylight version. Although we recommend proceeding with caution, this could be a good option for consumers who like their light more white than yellow.

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