GE Energy Smart 13-Watt CFL Review



In reviews, consumers describe a pleasing light that isn't blue or harsh. Although some say the lifespan is on the short side, most are happy to have the classic yellowish light they're used to at a reasonable price and appreciate the savings in energy costs.

One favorite attribute cited in GE Energy Smart CFL reviews: These 13-watt light bulbs don't flicker as they come on and take very little warm-up time. Some users posting on Amazon refer to the light bulbs as "instant-on," whereas other CFLs take a few minutes to fully turn on. A reviewer who tested the GE Energy Smart 13-Watt CFL (starting at $1.45, or $12 for an eight-pack, Amazon) for Apartment Therapy observes that it started out dimmer but ultimately lit the space better than an equivalent incandescent light bulb.

These Energy Star-rated bulbs are 60-watt replacements that light up just as brightly as their incandescent cousins, which some reviewers found quite surprising. The listed brightness is 825 lumens. At 2,700 Kelvin on the color temperature, GE Energy Smart 13-Watt CFLs emit a pleasing "soft white" glow. Reviewers say it isn't harsh or blue, like the light from fluorescents of old.

Some GE Energy Smart CFL reviews report issues fitting these light bulbs into ceiling fans and other enclosed fixtures. Users note that the bulbs can overheat and burn out in such settings, lasting only a few months instead of the five years the manufacturer claims. Consumers should use CFLs in enclosed or dimmable fixtures only if the manufacturer specifically gives a green light on the front of the package. Expert testers at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute also warn that turning the light on and off frequently, instead of leaving it on for long periods, can shorten the lifespan of GE Energy Smart 13-Watt CFLs -- more so than other bulbs. Still, other reviewers assert that as long as you don't use these bulbs in situations they're not designed for, they work fine and present no issues with longevity. They come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

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