Panasonic Pro-Curve ES-RW30S Review


Think Twice

This foil shaver comes with all the right features but reviewers complain that it just doesn't cut it. Even with the pop-up trimmer and option for a wet or dry shave, this cordless rechargeable model disappoints.

Many Panasonic Pro-Curve ES-RW30S reviews mention dissatisfaction with the ability of this cordless foil shaver to remove hair effectively. Some posts at Amazon assert that anything more than a little stubble is too much for the Panasonic Pro-Curve to manage. The weak performance holds whether facial hairs are short or long or the skin wet or dry, reviewers contend. And with just a charging base but no cord to plug in, Panasonic Pro-Curve ES-RW30S reviews caution about the possibility of the battery dying in the midst of a shave or just as you're about to start. Moreover, some user posts at Newegg grumble about the model's limited battery life -- up to 21 minutes with a 15-hour charge, according to the manufacturer -- even as others assert that it holds its own for a week of shaves. And while marketing materials tout the ultra-thin foils, some users report finding holes within a few months.

And yet, the Panasonic Pro-Curve (starting at $30, Amazon) has its share of fans. These users assert the shaver gets in close, doesn't pull, and gets the job done quickly. The docking station also draws a shout-out from men who are thrilled to be rid of cords altogether.

The Pro-Curve ES-RW30S features two floating blades and pivoting foil heads, as well as a pop-up trimmer. An indicator light clues you in when a charge is needed. This model carries a two-year limited warranty.

This shaver comes with appealing features, but reviewers convincingly suggest that you could do far better for the money.

Emily Lugg

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