West Bend Air Crazy 82416 Air Crazy Corn Popper Review


On average, West Bend 82416 Air Crazy Corn Popper reviews hit the average mark. Users posting reviews on Amazon and Buy.com report significant numbers of unpopped kernels in each batch. Several reviews also report the housing gets too hot to touch and the plastic top doesn't stay in place. On the other hand, consumers like its attractive appearance and ease of operation, and some are pleased with its performance -- one review says the popcorn is crunchy and another cautions against wasting money on gourmet kernels because the cheap varieties pop so much better. We also noticed that a few reviews mention using the popper as a coffee roaster, to mostly good results because of the air flow and heat level.

The West Bend Air Crazy (starting at $25, Amazon) does other cheap air poppers one step better with its on/off switch, which saves you from having to plug it in to get it going and pulling out the plug to stop it. This model produces up to four quarts of popcorn in three minutes, and like others of its ilk, the measuring cup can be used to melt butter while the kernels pop.

Given the slightly higher price point for the West Bend Air Crazy compared to other hot-air popcorn makers and the so-so reviews, you might do better elsewhere. But if you want to roast coffee at home, its dual functionality merits your consideration.

Maralyn Edid

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