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Where to Find Cheap Multifunction Printers

The time of year you're in the market for a cheap multifunction printer can affect the printer deals you find. The best months to look for printer deals are November through January, when lots of electronic items are marked down during holiday sales.

You're also likely to find better-than-average printer deals in August during back-to-school sales.

The following is a rundown of where you can look for printer deals:

Online venders such as Tiger Direct, Amazon and Newegg offer good printer deals that can be sorted by print method, price, brand, and a few other features. Of the three, Tiger Direct posted the lowest printer prices the day we looked, but we recommend taking a few days to check sites as prices tend to change often. With a quick sorting mechanism at the top of the Printers & Ink page, Amazon does a good job helping users determine the type of printer they need -- a search godsend if you aren't sure what you're looking for.

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Stores specializing in technology and electronics are also fruitful places to find printer deals. Office Max, Office Depot, and Staples all offer printer deals. Staples, for example, has multifunction printers starting firmly in the low-end of our price range, while Office Max has a laser printer priced closer to the mid-range. Office Depot has a special deals section for printers where we saw a laser printer around the $100 mark and an inkjet printer below that. Remember, deals are subject to change depending on inventory, but from what we've seen all of the special printer deals are truly a steal. B&H also offers a handful of multifunction printer deals for especially cheap -- some of the lowest prices we've seen at specialty technology/electronics stores, and some printer deals even come with free shipping.

You're also likely to find printer deals by shopping superstores such as Meijer, Walmart, and Target. Meijer, for example, sells multifunction printers at prices starting at around $70, while Walmart carries inkjet printers with starting prices below our target range! Target features comparable prices, and we're impressed with the retailer's "temporary price cut" deals. Anytime you see that banner, the deal is worth checking out.

Remember to consider shipping when looking for printer deals online. Shipping costs can add up, but sometimes with larger purchases, like printers, select sites offer free or lower shipping rates. Staples features free delivery when you spend $45 or more, while Office Max and Office Depot provide free delivery with a $50-plus purchase. Target also offers free shipping on select items when you spend $50 or more, including some printer deals.

At BradsDeals.com -- a good source for deals and coupons from numerous retailers -- nine printer deals and four online coupons popped up when we searched using the term "printers". The site is ranked number five in Hot Deal sites from Top Ten Reviews, where deal accuracy, quality of deals, breadth of deals, and detailed information all receive high marks. And don't forget to check out comparison sites, such as PriceGrabber, to make sure you get the best printer deals out there.

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