CalPak Awestruck Review



A low price, ripstop fabric, and self-repairing zippers define this wheeled backpack. Users say its in-line skate wheels glide over tough terrain and manage curbs without a hitch.

Users are wild about this model, according to CalPak Awestruck reviews on They report it holds lots of stuff, rolls easily, and efficiently wheels over and around obstacles like curbs and stairs. Reviews posted at agree, noting that the many compartments make it easy to organize your stuff, the hideaway backpack straps are convenient and aesthetically appealing, and the bag is sturdy and holds up well. Users commenting in reviews on Amazon echo such praise; one writes that the high quality was apparent as soon as she actually got her hands on it.

The CalPack Awestruck (starting at $24, Amazon) is made with ripstop polyester, which, as its name implies, is designed to stop tears before they happen. It also features in-line skate wheels; self-repairing zippers; a double-rod, retractable, locking handle; and padded backpack straps. It contains multiple compartments, a water bottle holder, and a solid bottom to prevent the bag from sagging under the weight of heavy textbooks. Somewhat heavier than our other pick for best cheap rolling backpack, the CalPack Awestruck weighs in at 7 pounds.

We're partial to this cheap rolling backpack because of the durable ripstop polyester and solid bottom. Users likewise sing its praises, saying it's surprisingly durable and can be loaded with books and still have room to spare. For a budget rolling backpack, this one sits at the head of the class.

Raechel Conover

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