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Comparing Sunglasses’ Performance, Fit, and Comfort

As you look for feedback on budget sunglasses, you’ll notice two things: First, there aren't many sunglasses reviews by consumers. Second, many reviewers don't seem to pay much attention to what constitutes proper protection for their eyes.

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Sunglasses reviews typically focus on looks and styling, although some do comment on performance, comfort, durability. Based on the reviews we could find -- many on Amazon and Overstock -- for the most part consumers seem satisfied with the inexpensive sunglasses on our list. Some gripe about poor build quality, but we noticed few complaints about protection from the sun's brightness.

A variety of JiMarti sunglasses (ranging in price from $13 to $46) garner favorable comments in sunglasses reviews on Amazon. Users report that models such as the JM01 (starting at $20) and JMP8 (starting at $45) eliminate glare, block the sun, and let you see without squinting. The Sunbelt brand (ranging in price from $20 to $30) also impresses reviewers on Amazon, who say the women's Halo sunglasses (starting at $30) are very effective at shielding the eyes from the sun. They cover the front and sides of the eyes, and a resident of Montana writes on Endless that the polarization works wonders against the glare from rivers.

Black Flys sunglasses (ranging in price from $17 to $140) earn positive feedback in reviews on Buzzillions, where a snowboarder praises the Micro Fly (starting at $31) for screening out glare. Another user says the lenses and wrap-around style effectively block out bright sun. Sunglasses reviews for the Nike brand (ranging in price from $30 to $260), also on Amazon, are moderately upbeat about the shades' protective abilities. One consumer says the sports-oriented Ignite EV0575 sunglasses (starting at $50) do a good job shielding the eyes from the sun. Adi Designs (ranging in price from $9 to $17) scores points in reviews on Overstock mainly for the stylish and fashionable look of its frames, although a few consumers mention that the lenses block out the sun or minimize glare on a river or lake.

Sunglasses Fit and Comfort.

Consumers posting reviews find certain styles more or less comfortable depending on the design and build quality of the sunglasses and the size and shape of their own heads and faces. The dilemma when buying cheap sunglasses online is how to choose a pair without trying them on. There's no easy solution, but the feedback consumers provide can offer some guidance.

JiMarti sunglasses, particularly the JM01, get a hearty thumbs-up for comfort and fit from users posting sunglasses reviews on Amazon. One consumer notes that the JM01 model fits beneath a motorcycle helmet. JiMarti JMP8 sunglasses stay on while consumers are running or biking, and work well for people with thin faces. Consumers on Amazon have found that Sunbelt also makes comfortable sunglasses. In reviews of the Sunbelt Neptune 190 (starting at $24), consumers advise that the nosepiece wiggles when you shake the frames but fits securely. Various models from Black Flys win kudos in sunglasses reviews on Buzzillions and Overstock, where several users remark that the Black Flys Micro Fly sunglasses are a good fit for smaller faces. On Amazon, consumers praise the fit of Nike's comfortable sunglasses. One consumer says her husband appreciated that the Nike Defiant sunglasses (starting at $50) were light and didn't fit to tightly over the temples. As a track and football coach, he found they worked equally well for practice and for everyday errands. Consumers praise the comfort and fit of several Adi Designs models in sunglasses reviews. These comfortable sunglasses fall short on features and durability, however, as outlined on the pages that follow.

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