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Best Volume-Boosting Shampoo

Adults with hair that's fine and light and often looks flat or limp can get a boost from the best cheap volumizing shampoo. Shampoos that give some "oomph" to your hair are formulated to increase the moisture around the hair follicle and cuticle, which enlarges the shaft and gives the appearance of thicker hair.

Panthenol (related to vitamin B5), proteins, collagens, emollients, and keratins are key ingredients that are relatively expensive and add to the per ounce cost of the best volumizing shampoos.

These products are a small segment of the hair-wash market. There aren't a lot to choose among, particularly at the lower-price end of the category. Moreover, our research indicates that cheap volumizing shampoos generally promise more than they deliver. That said, we found one best volumizing shampoo that could be worth a try: Herbal Essence Body Envy Volumizing Shampoo (starting at 29 cents/oz.). It contains the cleansers sodium laureth suflate and sodium lauryl sulfate, as well as coral flower and nectarine extracts. The manufacturer claims this lightweight formula adds moisture and shine.

What really gets users going about Herbal Essence Body Envy, according to shampoo reviews, is less the body-building effect than the scent. Consumers on sites like Drugstore.com and Viewpoints rave about the fragrance, saying it's delightfully botanical, fruity, and fresh. They also commend the volumizing shampoo's texture, lather, and cleansing action, with some noting in Herbal Essence Body Envy reviews on Walmart that it works well on oily hair and helps manage frizz and static. Users also comment approvingly on the price-value relationship.

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What users don't totally agree on, however, is whether this cheap volumizing shampoo actually adds volume. Herbal Essence Body Envy reviews on Total Beauty report mixed results; for example, one says it works better than upmarket salon products and boosts body while another says she doesn't see much difference in her hair. Shampoos reviews on other sites are similarly divided, with many users asserting it makes limp hair thicker and some claiming to have attracted compliments on the new look while others grouse that Herbal Essence Body Envy adds little in the way of volume but does dry out their hair. Several users suggest following up with conditioner, although one simply suggests choosing a different product if your hair is already dry.

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