Alina Wang

Alina A. Wang

A native of Queens, New York, Alina has a bachelor's degree in corporate communications from Baruch College and enjoys writing about culture, tech, travel, and lifestyle. Prior to joining the Cheapism team, Alina worked as a U.S.-based correspondent for Vision Times and interned for several media outlets during college. In her free time, Alina loves to try out as many new restaurants as she can, go on scenic hikes with friends, tackle a hot yoga class, or spend hours going down a Wikipedia/Reddit rabbit hole. Always looking for ways to stretch her money, Alina loves to stay updated on money-saving tips and helpful life hacks that make everyday chores more manageable.

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Woman online shopping on smart phone fashion clothes at home
Shot of an unrecognizable businessman working on his laptop in the office
Young married couple got lost on vacation in town. Frustrated lady is arguing with her boyfriend, who holds pda, has no idea where they are
Ramen Dish
Asian woman E-hailing driver wearing face mask using smartphone
Easter eggs in basket and Easter bunny ears behind a basket on empty wooden table.
Alterations tailor measuring trousers on a customer
Little girl blowing her birthday candle