Elizabeth Sheer

Elizabeth Sheer

Elizabeth Sheer is a writer and researcher with a long history of bringing supportive information to both businesses and individuals. A life long New Yorker, she relocated to the confluence of the Berkshires and the Hudson Valley, an area of small farms that is a mecca for food; an excellent spot for an ex-caterer who  has taught cooking to kids, and contributed articles on that topic to the Big Apple Parents’ paper, among others. There she battles rocks and creatures to create a garden that has been certified as a Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. She is studying to be a Master Gardener, and has a Master’s Degree in Information Science from Pratt Institute.

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    Best Cheap Cat Foods

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    Best Cheap Red Wine

    Who needs a premium red wine when a thoroughly respectable bottle costs $10 or less? Frugal quaffers who know even a little bit about wine and aren't afraid to go with what they like will find many such bottles. There are hundreds of cheap red wines out there -- some barely worth the few dollars you'd pay but many worth drinking. With so many styles, grape varieties, producers, and labels to choose among, shopping can be a challenge. To guide wine drinkers through the thicket, we've made top picks based on tastings, ratings, reviews, awards, and expert advice. We've also selected a wide array of other inexpensive red wines fit to serve with a meal, bring to a party, or sip over the course of a quiet evening.

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    Cheap Hiking Boots

    Perhaps the most essential piece of equipment for getting up close and personal with the great outdoors is the right footwear. Few things will do more to dampen the pleasure of a hike than bad boots. Fortunately for hikers on a budget, the best cheap hiking boots provide the support and protection to make a peaceful stroll or vigorous trek enjoyable and rewarding. There's no one dominant brand in cheap hiking boots, but some of the better-known names include Merrell, Keen, Columbia, L.L. Bean, and The North Face. We compared footwear from these and other brands, looking for several important features and favorable reviews from consumers and experts.

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    Best Cheap White Wine

    If you think cheap white wine is only for grandma's spritzer, think again. There's a white wine -- costing no more than $10 to satisfy almost anyone's palate. Inexpensive white wines can complement a range of foods, brighten up a lazy summer afternoon, and make an excellent substitute for pre-dinner cocktails. White wines typically present fruity and/or floral flavors and aromas, sometimes offer a bit of spice and earthiness, and range in sugar content from bone dry to dessert-level sweet. We've made top picks based on tastings, ratings, reviews, and awards, on top of expert advice, and suspect wine drinkers will find at least one selection to suit both their sipping preferences and their budget.

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    Best Cheap Microwave Ovens

    Today's busy consumers demand speed and convenience in the kitchen. Cue cheap microwave ovens, which excel at defrosting and reheating foods and popping bags of corn. If these and a few other simple tasks are the primary reasons for using one, the best budget microwaves won't disappoint. Cheapism.com surveyed the market and read scores of reviews to identify midsize countertop models costing less than $100 that meet expectations for features, thorough cooking or heating, and ease of use.

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    Best Cheap Coffee Makers

    A coffee maker is a staple in many households. If you rely on that hot, caffeinated cup to get your day rolling -- and sometimes keep you in overdrive -- it may be tempting to spend more than necessary on a coffee maker. Most of the models reviewed by consumer product experts exceed the $50 ceiling we set for a cheap coffee maker. We looked instead to coffee maker reviews on retail sites, where we found that buyers who can barely open their eyes without a cup of coffee in the morning consider the best cheap coffee makers perfectly decent delivery systems.

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