Emily Lugg

Emily Lugg is a freelance writer and writing tutor in the Writing Center at Ohio Wesleyan University. Always looking for the best investment for her family at the cheapest price, Emily uses research and consumer reviews as her sharpest tools for the savviest shopping.
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    Is Costco Worth It?

    A membership at Costco, the popular warehouse club, costs individuals and families $55 a year. That has many consumers asking: Is Costco worth it? Our research comparing Costco with conventional retail stores found that membership does pay off -- and not strictly for the savings, which can be substantial: almost $400 on our shopping list of 19 products. Members enjoy a raft of perks , including access to a variety of relatively cheap consumer services and the convenience of one-stop shopping for most family needs. But these benefits come at the price of limited product selection, bulk packaging, and a Spartan shopping environment.