Jeremy Bender

Jeremy Bender is currently an editorial intern at Business Insider. Previously he has written for BuzzFeed and a host of blogs. He is constantly frugal, and finds every way possible to pinch the few pennies he has.
  • Automotive

    Best Cheap Car Tires

    Car tires may seem like the last place you would want to scrimp and save money. After all, car tires don't exist for their entertainment value; their functionality is vitally important for safe driving. As the old Michelin saying goes, "there's a lot riding on your tires." The allure of a recognizable name often encourages drivers to spend more money on well-established brands such as Goodyear, Firestone, or Michelin. But our reading of reviews found that drivers and experts often give high marks to lesser-known but equally reliable, and certainly cheaper, tires from the likes of General, Cooper and its Mastercraft brand, Falken, Nankang, and Hankook.

  • Online

    Best Cheap and Free Dating Sites

    With almost four out of five singles in America having tried online dating at some point, it's no wonder that the industry is booming. Of course, its popularity is buoyed by the prevalence of free and cheap online dating sites, increasingly with their own specialized approach to matchmaking. Some offer helpful dating tools and others, not so much. We've identified the best bargain dating sites that may be worth exploring -- at least once, anyway.

  • Accessories

    Best Cheap Portable Chargers

    Cheap portable chargers are an answer to the prayers of business travelers and other heavy users of mobile devices. Imagine it's the end of the day, and after hours of phone tag, you finally get hold of a key client or friend. But the minute you launch into your pitch, you hear that first, ominous beep: Your battery is about to die. Luckily an array of portable chargers is available for the rescue, and you don't have to spend big to get your hands on one of these little lifesavers.