Kara Reinhardt

Kara Reinhardt is managing editor of Cheapism.com. She has contributed to outlets including NBC News' Today Money, MSN Money, and The Huffington Post. She began her career as an editor at Advertising Age and ESPN The Magazine and holds degrees from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. She has honed her money-saving skills in New York and Vancouver, two of the most expensive cities in North America.
  • Outdoor

    Best Cheap Snowboards

    Snowboarding is an individual sport in more ways than one. Out there alone on the mountain, you want a snowboard that fits your personal skill level, size, and riding style. Depending on your needs, a cheap snowboard may actually suit you better than a more expensive stick. If you're just starting out and didn't know that "stick" is another word for snowboard, odds are you don't need to shell out $500 or more for a high-end board. The cheapest snowboards are usually made for beginner to intermediate riders and cost between $100 and $300.

  • Fashion

    Cheap Wedding Dresses

    As a little girl, you might have dreamed of the day when you'd don the perfect white gown to walk down the aisle and say "I do" to the love of your life. But now you're all grown up and well aware of the budget constraint. A survey by The Knot and WeddingChannel.com found that brides spend an average of $1,121 on their dresses; many spend far more. For some brides, a wedding gown is the most expensive dress they'll ever own. As you begin your search, remember that you're in charge here. There's no reason to go into debt for a fantasy gown from Monique Lhuillier or Vera Wang. These days, there's also no reason to settle for a cheap wedding dress that's dowdy-looking, poorly constructed, or made of shoddy material. Choose the dress you want at a price you can afford.

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    Cheap Snowboard Bindings

    Snowboard bindings are the link between the boots and the board . Experts advise choosing snowboard boots first and trying on bindings in the store with the boots before making a purchase. Although the bindings don't have to be the same brand as the boots, not every binding will fit every boot. Frugal riders need bindings that will not only secure their boots comfortably but also reliably translate their movements to the board. Cheap snowboard bindings are available from some of the same names that make the highest-end models, including Burton, Flux, Ride, and Union.

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    Best Cheap Snowboard Boots

    If you're new to snowboarding, you might assume the most important piece of equipment is the board itself. On the contrary, experts say: It's the boots that are most crucial to comfort and performance. An uncomfortable pair of cheap snowboard boots can discourage you from riding at all, and the money you spend on gear will have gone to waste. Experts actually recommend buying snowboard boots before the rest of your kit, so you can concentrate your spending there and use what remains of your budget on the board and bindings.