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    25 Cheap Destinations for Off-Season Travel

    Plan a vacation in autumn to see Spectacular Fall Foliage , or to save on Cheap Cruises to the Caribbean and Beyond .

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    Amazon vs. Walmart vs. Jet: Who Is the Cheapest

    Amazon has long wooed customers with an expansive selection, low prices, and free two-day shipping for Prime members. By all accounts it's a winning formula: The site accounted for a staggering 43 percent of U.S. retail sales last year, according to research firm Slice Intelligence. But Walmart is making a major play for a slice of the Amazon pie, introducing free two-day shipping earlier this year on millions of items, no membership necessary. Last year, it paid more than $3 billion for, which launched in 2015 with the express aim of nabbing some of Amazon's staggering revenue. So, where should consumers be spending their e-commerce dollars: Amazon, Walmart, or Jet? compared prices on 75 items across three areas -- household staples, health and beauty, and baby and pet -- to find out. Amazon comes out on top. Amazon was the winner in our price comparison , but not by as much as online shoppers might expect. Here are the highlights: Amazon had the lowest prices overall , beating Walmart and Jet by a little over 5 percent across all three areas. The total tab was $813.39, compared with $859.26 and $859.47, respectively. Amazon had the lowest total by far in health and beauty , $265.59. It beat both Walmart and Jet by about 12 percent. Amazon was also cheapest in baby and pet , at $327.49. But the margins were slimmer: 2.3 percent over Walmart and 4.3 percent over Jet. Jet squeaked out a win in household goods with a total of $219.51. Amazon was right on its heels at $220.31, while Walmart came in at $226.71, 3.3 percent higher than Jet. Amazon had the lowest prices on 14 items. Walmart was cheapest on 12 items, and Jet was lowest on five. Price matching is aggressive , particularly between Amazon and Walmart, which had the same prices on 22 products -- nearly a third of the list. All three retailers had the same price on 15 products. While Amazon's 5 percent price edge may not seem like a huge margin, we looked at products most households will order several times throughout the year, making the savings more compelling. For instance, ordering the same health and beauty products through Amazon three times a year would add up to more than $90 in savings over Walmart and Jet -- not exactly chump change. We didn't account for potential savings with Amazon's Subscribe & Save program, which drops prices anywhere from 5 to 15 percent for buyers willing to commit to a regular shipment. Worth it? Maybe, for products you'll reliably use, but be sure to keep an eye on Amazon's prices -- they fluctuate regularly, and subscribing does not lock them in. offers a simpler shopping experience. Related: 25 Best Finds at Walmart Amazon may have edged out the competition in our price comparison, but there are three big reasons to shop on instead. First, buyers don't need to jump through as many hoops to place an order with free two-day shipping. Second, Walmart has thousands of bricks-and-mortar stores to support its e-commerce business. Finally, prices are still very low. Walmart now offers free two-day shipping on about 2 million items. The only catch is that customers need to spend at least $35. Amazon recently lowered its free-shipping threshold to $25, but that's for standard shipping, which takes five to eight days. For free two-day shipping, you'd have to cough up $99 a year (or $10.99 a month) for a Prime membership. Also, many items we priced on Amazon are available only through Prime Pantry, which means non-Prime members can't buy them at all, and even Prime members have to select at least five pantry items to avoid a $5.99 shipping fee. Other Amazon offerings were "add-on items," which don't require a membership but are available for purchase only if your order totals at least $25. Walmart offers the option of free pickup for many items that don't meet the $35 minimum for free shipping. Although this requires a trip to the store, shoppers can go straight to the pickup desk rather than navigate the aisles and wait in a checkout line. Some orders are available within four hours. Walmart customers can also return online purchases to a nearby store instead of paying for return shipping. Under Amazon's standard return policy, the cost of return shipping is deducted from your refund unless the return results from an Amazon error or the item qualifies for free returns. Walmart and Amazon also aren't as far apart on price as they might appear at first glance. Once we removed four outlier products where one retailer's price was significantly higher or lower than the other two (for instance, Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips were $41.98 on Amazon versus $54.99 from Jet and $59.82 from Walmart), the gap between Amazon and Walmart narrowed to less than $4 across all three categories. is still worth checking. Although it had the highest prices overall in our analysis, Jet still merits consideration. Without the four outlier products, it was only 3.1 percent more expensive than Amazon and 2.6 percent more than Walmart. It also offers free shipping for orders over $35 (often two-day, although occasionally standard shipping) without requiring any sort of membership. Jet sweetens the pot by dropping prices for customers who are willing to pay with a debit card, forgo free returns, buy in bulk, and buy certain items together. Forgoing free returns and paying with a debit card -- an option on 28 out of the 75 products we compared -- halved Jet's original 5 percent price difference with Amazon. Forgoing free returns might not be a big deal on paper towels, but it would be riskier for purchases such as electronics or small appliances. And some people may not be comfortable using a debit card linked directly to a bank account for an online purchase. If you go through a lot of a particular product, Jet's bulk discounts might be more compelling. For instance, an 81-count container of Tide Pods cost $19.63 in our comparison, but the price would have dropped to $19.20 each for two containers, or $18.67 for three. Jet customers can also stack the quantity discount with the price break for paying with debit and forgoing free returns. That would have made the Tide $19.45 to start and dropped the price to $19.03 each for two containers or $18.50 for three. Again, though, this option isn't always available, and sometimes Jet still can't beat its competitors. For instance, buying five 10-count packs of Ivory soap would have dropped the price from $4.29 to $4.14 each -- but the same item was still only $3.97 at Walmart. Jet also offers harder-to-quantify discounts on items that can be packed and shipped together. For instance, buying Mr. Clean Magic Erasers together with Scotch-Brite sponges drops the price of each item a couple of pennies. The bottom line: One size doesn't fit all. Prices in our analysis were close enough to keep us from making a blanket recommendation, but here are a few takeaways: Shop on Amazon if ... you're already a Prime member. And don't forget that Prime offers additional benefits , including access to Prime Video and Prime Music, unlimited photo storage, and even same-day delivery in some areas. Shop on if ... you're thinking of joining Amazon Prime mainly for the fast shipping. As long as you spend $35 -- not a hard threshold to meet -- you can get free two-day shipping from Walmart without paying for a membership, and prices are neck-and-neck with Amazon. Shop on if ... you don't mind buying in higher quantities, paying with debit, and forgoing free returns. Still, the selection isn't quite as impressive, and some shoppers may prefer a more straightforward shopping experience. PRICE COMPARISON* HOUSEHOLD Product Amazon Jet Walmart Lowest Price Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges (6 ct.) $5.48 $4.65 $5.48 Jet Windex Multi-Surface Vinegar Cleaner (23 oz.) $3.12 $3.18 $3.12 Amazon, Walmart Palmolive Original (28 oz.) $2.40 $2.50 $2.40 Amazon, Walmart Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Original (8 ct.) $6.99 $6.99 $6.99 Tie Bounce Dryer Sheets (240 ct.) $8.94 $9.30 $8.94 Amazon, Walmart Energizer Max Batteries (AA, 24 ct.) $13.89 $13.89 $14.94 Amazon, Jet Liquid Plumr Professional Strength (80 oz.) $7.70 $7.70 $7.33 Walmart Air Wick Freshmatic Refills (Fresh Waters, 2-pack) $7.93 $8.25 $7.93 Amazon, Walmart Quilted Northern Ultra Plush (48 double rolls) $23.94 $23.94 $23.94 Tie Tide Pods (81 ct.) $21.30 $19.63 $19.97 Jet Glad Press 'N' Seal (70 sq. ft.) $2.94 $3.09 $2.94 Amazon, Walmart Glad OdorShield Tall Kitchen Bags (110 ct.) $12.41 $12.80 $17.32 Amazon Swiffer Wet Refills (24 ct.) $7.99 $9.37 $7.97 Amazon, Walmart Cascade Complete ActionPacs (78 ct.) $16.97 $16.91 $16.97 Jet Ziploc Sandwich Bags (90 ct.) $2.98 $3.56 $2.98 Amazon, Walmart Bounty Paper Towels (6 big rolls) $8.99 $8.96 $10.39 Jet Lysol Disinfecting Wipes (3 pack, 240 ct.) $8.97 $9.42 $8.97 Amazon, Walmart Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues (120 sheets, 3 ct.) $4.74 $4.98 $4.74 Amazon, Walmart Swiffer Duster Refills (20 ct.) $13.97 $13.97 $13.97 Tie Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel (2 ct.) $6.88 $6.97 $6.88 Amazon, Walmart OxiClean (156 loads) $11.99 $11.99 $12.48 Amazon, Jet Vanity Fair Napkins (400 ct.) $8.16 $5.66 $8.16 Jet Reynolds Parchment Paper (45 sq. ft.) $3.48 $3.65 $3.48 Amazon, Walmart Hefty Easy Grip Plastic Cups (50 ct., 18 oz.) $3.65 $3.65 $3.48 Walmart Febreze Extra Strength Fabric Freshener (27 oz.) $4.50 $4.50 $4.94 Amazon, Jet TOTAL $220.31 $219.51 $226.71 Jet HEALTH AND BEAUTY Product Amazon Jet Walmart Lowest Price Trojan ENZ Lubricated Condoms (36 ct.) $13.97 $13.97 $13.97 Tie Neosporin Original (1 oz.) $6.47 $6.47 $6.47 Tie One A Day Men's Multivitamins (200 ct.) $14.62 $14.62 $13.92 Walmart Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen (3 oz.,  2 ct.) $11.24 $13.97 $13.97 Amazon Chapstick Original (3 ct.) $2.99 $3.09 $2.94 Walmart Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Moisturizer (1.7 oz.) $20.79 $21.92 $21.92 Amazon L'Oréal Paris Studio Line Mega Gel (6.8 oz.) $3.97 $4.13 $3.97 Amazon, Walmart Zyrtec (70 ct.) $24.25 $34.94 $34.94 Amazon Advil (100 ct.) $7.97 $8.06 $7.97 Amazon, Walmart Biotrue Contact Solution (10 oz., 2 ct.) $15.98 $15.98 $15.98 Tie Tampax Pearl (regular, 50 ct.) $9.27 $9.27 $9.27 Tie Band-Aid Flexible Fabric (assorted, 100 ct.) $5.85 $7.97 $6.20 Amazon Mint Listerine (1.5 L) $4.99 $6.27 $5.97 Amazon Q-Tips (1,400 ct.) $9.98 $9.99 $9.54 Walmart Degree Dry Protection (women's, 2.6 oz.) $2.47 $2.61 $2.47 Amazon, Walmart Crest 3D White Professional Effects  Whitestrips $41.98 $54.99 $59.82 Amazon Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Comfort Plus Floss  (2 ct.) $4.97 $4.97 $4.97 Tie Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste (6 oz., 2 ct.) $4.96 $5.21 $4.96 Amazon, Walmart Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo  (25.4 oz.) $6.99 $6.99 $6.77 Walmart Ivory Bar Soap (4 oz. bars, 10 ct.) $4.29 $4.29 $3.97 Walmart Bic Silky Touch Razors (10 ct.) $2.97 $2.97 $2.97 Tie Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Body  Wash (18 oz.) $6.99 $7.42 $7.42 Amazon Softsoap Antibacterial Refill (white tea and berry, 56  oz.) $4.88 $5.12 $4.88 Amazon, Walmart Purell Hand Sanitizer (67.6 oz.) $17.78 $18.14 $17.28 Walmart Vicks Dayquil/Nyquil Severe Cold & Flu Co-Pack (12  oz., 2 ct.) $14.97 $14.99 $14.97 Amazon, Walmart TOTAL $265.59 $298.35 $297.51 Amazon BABY AND PET Product Amazon Jet Walmart Lowest Price Pedigree Adult Complete Dog Food (40 lbs.) $24.39 $27.25 $20.34 Walmart Purina Fancy Feast Cat Food (Classic Poultry and  Beef, 3 oz., 24 ct.) $11.96 $13.23 $13.23 Amazon Meow Mix Original Choice (16 lbs.) $10.99 $11.88 $11.88 Amazon Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action Clumping Litter (20  lbs.) $7.98 $8.27 $7.88 Walmart Frontline Plus (small dogs, 3 doses) $31.00 $31.00 $39.86 Amazon, Jet Milkbone Treats (medium dogs, 10 lbs.) $10.98 $10.98 $10.98 Tie Temptations MixUps Cat Treats (Surfers' Delight, 16  oz.) $7.99 $8.31 $7.98 Walmart Pampers Sensitive Wipes (576 ct.) $14.39 $14.39 $14.64 Amazon, Jet Huggies Little Movers Diapers (size 4, 112 ct.) $28.82 $32.99 $28.82 Amazon, Walmart Pull-Ups Learning Designs (2T/3T boys, 74  ct.) $24.29 $24.29 $24.29 Tie Aquaphor (14 oz.) $12.74 $14.97 $14.26 Amazon Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula (32.2 oz.) $36.99 $36.98 $36.98 Jet, Walmart Aveeno Baby Wash (18 oz.) $6.74 $8.97 $8.97 Amazon Gerber 2nd Foods (bananas with apples and pears,  4 oz., 8 ct.) $8.85 $9.33 $8.85 Amazon, Walmart Plum Organics Mighty 4  (cherry/strawberry/black  bean/spinach/oat, 4 oz., 6 ct.) $10.74 $10.74 $10.74 Tie Nuk Airflow Orthodontic Paci (2-pack, 0-6  boy) $5.05 $5.49 $5.05 Amazon, Walmart Munchkin Click Lock Flexi-Straw Cup $5.52 $6.97 $5.87 Amazon Infant Tylenol (2 oz. oral suspension) $8.77 $8.77 $8.77 Tie Playtex VentAire (6 oz. bottles, 3 ct.) $6.86 $6.86 $6.86 Tie Playtex Drop-ins Liners (8 oz., 100 ct.) $3.68 $3.83 $3.68 Amazon, Walmart Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags (100 ct.) $14.99 $11.33 $10.79 Walmart Playtex Diaper Genie Refills (720 ct.) $16.87 $16.47 $16.47 Jet, Walmart All Baby Detergent (31 loads) $4.99 $6.18 $5.94 Amazon Johnson's Baby Lotion (27 oz.) $5.92 $5.92 $5.92 Tie Lansinoh Lanolin (1.41 oz.) $5.99 $6.21 $5.99 Amazon, Walmart TOTAL $327.49 $341.61 $335.04 Amazon *Prices obtained May 30-31, 2017. Items are shipped from and sold by Amazon, Walmart, and Jet, not third-party sellers.

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    10 Ways to Protect Your Identity and Data Online

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    Amazon vs. Costco: Which One Is Cheaper?

    Conventional retail wisdom states that you'll save big if you buy in bulk. That kind of thinking has made Costco a prominent retail success story even as many brick-and-mortar competitors have faltered in the face of stiff online competition. But is trekking to Costco for mega quantities of paper towels and sandwich bags worth it when you can buy many of the same products on Amazon with the click of a mouse? We at Cheapism have decided to find out just what kind of savings we're talking. We analyzed Amazon and Costco prices on 100 items across four areas: household staples, baby and pet, beauty and toiletries, and health. We did an apples-to-apples comparison, pricing the same product at both retailers. Amazon items had to be shipped and sold by Amazon itself, not a third-party seller, and Costco's prices were obtained in-store, not on The winner: Costco by a landslide If you had any doubts about whether that $60 Costco membership is worth it, let us put them to rest. On most of the products we surveyed, Costco was cheaper -- and many times, way cheaper. Here are our findings in a nutshell: Costco was the better bet almost 80 percent of the time The warehouse club beat Amazon’s per-unit pricing on 79 of the 100 products we researched -- 22 household staples, 18 baby and pet items, 19 beauty and toiletry products, and 20 health items. Amazon undercut Costco only twice on household staples, six times on baby and pet goods, three times in beauty and toiletries, and three times in health, for a total of 14 times. The retailers basically tied seven times. Savings with Costco were greatest in the household staples category That’s where the savings averaged 25.4 percent. Costco was 23.4 percent cheaper on baby and pet items, 21.4 percent cheaper for beauty products and toiletries, and 21.6 percent cheaper for health items. Savings were impressive on several items On three products, Costco was more than 50 percent cheaper than Amazon per unit. That means more than 61 percent savings per tablet on Bayer Aspirin, more than 58 percent per treat on Blue Dog Bakery dog treats, and over 51 percent savings per ounce on Arm & Hammer liquid laundry detergent. On 17 other items, Costco offered savings of at least 30 percent. When Amazon did beat Costco, it was by a slim margin Amazon was cheaper on 14 items, but the average savings were in the single digits -- nearly 6.6 percent savings for Amazon’s winning items compared with 23 percent for Costco’s. The single best deal we saw on Amazon? Savings of 14.36 percent per diaper on Huggies Little Snugglers, size 1, over Costco. The savings are more impressive considering we examined products many households order multiple times a year. For instance, you may buy a 26-ounce four pack of Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste for $21.99 that will last an entire year, or a single 8-ounce tube of the same toothpaste on Amazon for $9.84 three times a year. You'll pay almost $30 on Amazon -- and end up with less toothpaste than you would have gotten at Costco. Why Amazon is still a worthy competitor So it's a no-brainer, right? Buy all your goods at Costco and reap long-term savings? The numbers are compelling, but there are still reasons Amazon can make more sense for some shoppers. Time is money Ordering household staples on Amazon is a lot less time-consuming than spending an afternoon in the aisles at Costco. And if you live in a rural area where Costco is hundreds of miles away, Amazon's prices will probably look a lot more reasonable (though as we note in our previous price comparison between Amazon, and , Walmart and Amazon are often neck and neck on prices -- and Walmart offers a simpler online shopping experience that even includes free two-day shipping without a membership). Costco may limit quantities on popular items Costco often prohibits customers from buying more than a couple of items at a time, most often when it puts items on sale. For instance, a $4.40 Costco discount on 30 rolls of Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper resulted in an impressive 41.67 percent savings per square foot over Amazon, but customers are limited to two packs. Quantity limits aren't as common on Amazon. Costco can be an impulse buyer's worst nightmare As the Consumerist notes , the store strategically places "trigger items" -- those are items nearly everyone needs, like cereal or paper towels -- all over the store, making it hard to get the items you need without passing a lot of potential impulse buys. And since the store is constantly cycling in different items, buyers may feel like it's now or never, and end up with a cart full of goods that weren't on their shopping list. In contrast, e-commerce retailers like Amazon still lag when it comes to impulse buying: 68 percent of impulse buys happen in a brick-and-mortar store, like Costco according to a recent survey . Costco's selection is limited Costco is able to offer low prices in part because it keeps its inventory streamlined. The average store offers fewer than 4,000 items to choose from, according to The Motley Fool . If you're looking for paper towels, you'll probably be choosing from one or two big name brands (Bounty, for instance), and Costco's store brand, Kirkland Signature. In contrast, Amazon has nearly 400 million products, according to ScrapeHero , including nearly 61 million in the home and kitchen category alone. As for paper towels, you can choose from Bounty, Viva, Sparkle, Scott, Brawny, Seventh Generation, and dozens of brands you've never heard of. (You can even find Kirkland merchandise on Amazon, though usually at a healthy markup over what you'd pay at Costco.) Moral of the story: If you want variety, Amazon is a much better bet. Buying in bulk may not always make sense Repeat after us: Buying 250 ounces of laundry detergent, no matter how cheap, may not be a good move if you're single and do little laundry, or don't have the room to store a massive bottle. Amazon offers a wider range of quantities on popular items -- in fact, you may be able to buy the same smaller bottle of detergent you'd pick up at your local big-box store using the Amazon Prime Pantry program , which makes it more cost-effective for the site to ship smaller items. The catch? You need to be a Prime member, and you have to select five Pantry items to nab free shipping. The bottom line: shop Costco for savings, use Amazon for a dash of convenience The numbers don't lie: You really can save big with Costco. But buying everything in bulk may not be to every shopper's advantage. That, combined with the convenience and variety Amazon offers, means the online retail giant will probably stay firmly entrenched in any shopper's arsenal. PRICE COMPARISON* Household Staples Product Amazon Costco Low-Price Winner (% rounded to nearest whole number) Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Cleansing Cloths 2.9 cents/wipe ($9.79/336 wipes) 3.1 cents/wipe ($15.49/504 wipes) Amazon (6% cheaper) Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper 3.6 cents/sq. ft. ($26.99/740 sq. ft.) 2.1 cents/sq. ft. ($17.59/820 sq. ft.) Costco (42% cheaper) Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues 1.2 cents /tissue ($12.48/1020 ct.) 1.3 cents/tissue ($13.59/1020 ct.) Amazon (8% cheaper) Ziploc Easy Open Gallon Bags 7.8 cents/bag ($11.70/150 bags) 7.2 cents/bag ($10.90/152 bags) Costco (8% cheaper) Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels 2.9 cents/sq. ft. ($9.79/340 sq. ft.) 2.1 cents/sq. ft. ($15.99/760 sq. ft.) Costco (28% cheaper) Vanity Fair 2-Ply Everyday Napkins 2.1 cents/napkin ($8.24/400 napkins) 1.4 cents/napkin ($8.99/660 napkins) Costco (33% cheaper) Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil 4.6 cents/sq. ft. ($9.19/200 sq. ft.) 3.4 cents/sq. ft. ($16.99/500 sq. ft.) Costco (26% cheaper) Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 4.4 cents/wipe ($9.97/225 wipes) 2.7 cents/wipe ($10.69/390 wipes) Costco (39% cheaper) Glad OdorShield Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags 11.3 cents/bag ($12.41/110 bags) 8.6 cents/bag ($11.99/140 bags) Costco (24% cheaper) Finish Max in 1 Dishwasher Tabs 16.4 cents/tab ($13.47/82 tabs) 10.8 cents/tab ($11.89/110 tabs) Costco (34% cheaper) Lysol Disinfectant Spray 20.7 cents/oz. ($7.88/38 oz.) 19.7 cents/oz. ($14.99/76 oz.) Costco (5% cheaper) Swiffer Sweeper Dry Refills 22.6 cents/refill ($14.47/64 ct.) 15 cents/refill ($11.99/80 ct.) Costco (34% cheaper) Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges 89.6 cents/sponge ($21.50/24 ct.) 61.9 cents/sponge ($12.99/21 ct.) Costco (31% cheaper) Febreze Air Effects Linen and Sky 28.1 cents/oz. ($4.94/17.6 oz.) 23 cents/oz. ($7.99/35.2 oz.) Costco (18% cheaper) Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner 8 cents /oz. ($3.84/48 oz.) 5.9 cents/oz. ($7.49/128 oz.) Costco (26% cheaper) Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner 6.2 cents/oz. ($2.97/48 oz.) 5.5 cents/oz. ($10.99/200 oz.) Costco (11% cheaper) Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner 15.6 cents/oz. ($19.99/128 oz.) 11.9 cents/oz. ($18.99/160 oz.) Costco (24% cheaper) Palmolive Ultra Strength Dishwashing Detergent 9.2 cents/oz. ($5.96/65 oz.) 7.8 cents/oz. ($7.99/102 oz.) Costco (15% cheaper) Cascade Complete Action Pacs 22.8 cents/pac ($16.97/78 ct.) 18 cents/pac ($15.99/90 ct.) Costco (21% cheaper) Jet Dry Finish Rinse Aid 41 cents/oz. ($9.43/23 oz.) 31.2 cents/oz. ($9.99/32 oz.) Costco (24% cheaper) Arm & Hammer Plus Oxi Clean Liquid Detergent 9 cents/oz. ($10.99/122.5 oz.) 4.4 cents/oz. ($10.99/250 oz.) Costco (51% cheaper) Ultra Downy Liquid Fabric Softener 7.2 cents/oz. ($7.39/103 oz.) 5.5 cents/oz. ($9.29/170 oz.) Costco (24% cheaper) Tide HE Liquid Detergent 11.1 cents/oz. ($11.10/100 oz.) 8.4 cents/oz. ($18.99/225 oz.) Costco (24% cheaper) Downy Unstopables Scent Booster 37.8 cents/oz. ($10.02/26.5 oz.) 31 cents/oz. ($11.49/37.6 oz.) Costco (18% cheaper) Bounce Dryer Sheets 3.1 cents/sheet ($7.49/240 ct.) 3.1 cents/sheet ($9.99/320 sheets) Tie Baby & Pet Product Amazon Costco Low-Price Winner Pedigree Large Dog Dentastix 34.3 cents/treat ($10.99/32 treats) 31.4 cents/treat ($15.99/51 treats) Costco (8% cheaper) Blue Dog Bakery Peanut Butter and Molasses Treats 20 cents/oz. ($23.94/120 oz.) 8.3 cents/oz. ($7.97/96 oz.) Costco (59% cheaper) Purina Friskies Classic Pate (various flavors) 45 cents/can ($10.80/24 cans) 45.8 cents/can ($21.99/48 cans) Amazon (2% cheaper) Purina Fancy Feast Poultry & Beef Grilled Variety Pack 55.1 cents/can ($13.23/24 cans) 53 cents/can ($18.99/36 cans) Costco (4% cheaper) Iams Protective Health Large Breed Dog Food 91 cents/lb. ($27.30/30 lbs.) 88 cents/lb. ($43.79/50 lbs.) Costco (3% cheaper) Checkups Dental Dog Treats 77.3 cents/treat ($18.56/24 treats) 48.3 cents/treat ($11.59/24 treats) Costco (38% cheaper) Frontline Plus for Cats $10.432/dose ($62.59/6 doses) $10.665/dose ($63.99/6 doses) Amazon (2% cheaper) Frontline Plus for Medium Dogs $10/dose ($59.99/6 doses) $11.165/dose ($66.99/6 doses) Amazon (10% cheaper) Enfamil Infant Formula $1.057/oz. ($128.76/121.8 oz.) 96.1 cents/oz. ($49.99/52 oz.) Costco (9% cheaper) Plum Organics Fruit & Veggie 4 oz. Baby Food Pouches $1.428/pouch ($25.71/18 pouches) 95.6 cents/pouch ($11.49/12 pouches) Costco (33% cheaper) Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula $1.25/oz. ($28.98/23.2 oz.) 93 cents/oz. ($31.49/34 oz.) Costco (26% cheaper) Similac Pro-Sensitive Infant Formula $1.116/oz. ($25.11/22.5 oz.) 92.6 cents/oz. ($31.49/34 oz.) Costco (17% cheaper) Huggies Natural Care Plus Baby Wipes 22 cents/wipe ($14.63/648 wipes) 22 cents/wipe ($24.99/1152 wipes) Tie Huggies Pull-Ups 3T-4T 33.3 cents/pull-up ($21.99/66 ct.) 30.2 cents/pull-up ($34.99/116 ct.) Costco (9% cheaper) Huggies Little Movers Diapers, Size 6 32.8 cents/diaper ($34.12/104 ct.) 35.8 cents/diaper ($42.99/120 ct.) Amazon (8% cheaper) Huggies Little Snugglers,  Size 1 16.7 cents/diaper ($35.99/216 ct.) 19.5 cents/diaper ($37.49/192 ct.) Amazon (14% cheaper) Honest Baby Shampoo and Body Wash 69.9 cents/oz. ($6.99/10 oz.) 44.1 cents/oz. ($14.99/34 oz.) Costco (37% cheaper) Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Wash 36.6 cents/oz. ($10.98/30 oz.) 20.1 cents/oz. ($13.99/67.6 oz.) Costco (45% cheaper) PediaSure Grow & Gain Vanilla 18 cents/oz. ($22.99/128 oz.) 19.3 cents/oz. ($36.99/192 oz.) Amazon (7% cheaper) L'il Critters Fruit N' Honey Bee Active Complete Multivitamin 9.9 cents/vitamin ($11.86/120 ct.) 7.9 cents/vitamin ($14.99/190 ct.) Costco (20% cheaper) Children's Motrin Berry Flavor $1.492/oz. ($5.97/4 oz.) $1.124/oz. ($8.99/8 oz.) Costco (25% cheaper) Children's Tylenol Grape Flavor $1.388/oz. ($5.54/4 oz.) $1.124/oz. ($8.99/8 oz.) Costco (19% cheaper) Infant Tylenol Cherry Flavor $4.245/oz. ($8.49/2 oz.) $3.123/oz. ($12.49/4 oz.) Costco (26% cheaper) Desitin Rapid Relief Diaper Rash Cream 81.1 cents/oz. ($12.97/16 oz.) 78.3 cents/oz. ($9.39/12 oz.) Costco (3% cheaper) Children's Benadryl Allergy Liquid 98.4 cents/oz. ($7.87/8 oz.) 60.1 cents/oz. ($9.69/16 oz.) Costco (39% cheaper) Beauty/Toiletries Product Amazon Costco Low-Price Winner Crest Complete Extra Whitening Plus Scope 37.2 cents/oz. ($6.92/18.6 oz.) 31.7 cents/oz. ($12.99/41 oz.) Costco (15% cheaper) Men's Degree MotionSense Deodorant $1.290/oz. ($13.88/10.8 oz.) $1.036/oz. ($13.99/13.5 oz.) Costco (20% cheaper) Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Shampoo 23.9 cents/oz. ($4.88/20.4 oz.) 17.5 cents/oz. ($6.99/40 oz.) Costco (27% cheaper) Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Conditioner 23.9 cents/oz. ($4.88/20.4 oz.) 17.5 cents/oz. ($6.99/40 oz.) Costco (27% cheaper) Nexxus Therappe Moisture Shampoo 38.6 cents/oz. ($13.05/33.8 oz.) 38.6 cents/oz. ($16.99/44 oz.) Tie Nexxus Humectress Conditioner 73.9 cents/oz. ($24.99/33.8 oz.) 56.8 cents/oz. ($24.99/44 oz.) Costco (23% cheaper) Dove Sensitive Skin Bar Soap, 4 oz. bars $1.088/bar ($8.70/8 ct.) 99.9 cents/bar ($15.99/16 ct.) Costco (8% cheaper) Neutrogena Rainbath Shower Gel 62.3 cents/oz. ($9.96/16 oz.) 42.5 cents/oz. ($16.99/40 oz.) Costco (32% cheaper) Olay Ultra Moisture Shea Butter Body Wash 22.6 cents/oz. ($19.88/88 oz.) 16.9 cents/oz. ($11.99/70.8 oz.) Costco (25% cheaper) Oral-B Pulsar 3D White Toothbrush $4.235/brush ($8.47/2 ct.) $3.748/brush ($14.99/4 ct.) Costco (12% cheaper) Colgate Total Advanced White Toothpaste 31.2 cents/oz. ($7.12/22.8 oz.) 31.2 cents/oz. ($9.99/32 oz.) Tie Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste $1.230/oz. ($9.84/8 oz.) 84.6 cents/oz. ($21.99/26 oz.) Costco (31% cheaper) Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash 11.7 cents/oz. ($3.97/33.8 oz.) 9.4 cents/oz. ($9.49/101 oz.) Costco (20% cheaper) Dove Advanced Care ClearTone Antiperspirant $1.640/oz. ($8.53/5.2 oz.) $1.345/oz. ($13.99/10.4 oz.) Costco (18% cheaper) Gillette Custom Plus3 Disposable Razors $1.373/razor ($5.49/4 ct.) $1.000/razor ($25.99/26 ct.) Costco (27% cheaper) Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive Shaving Gel 81.3 cents/oz. ($4.88/6 oz.) 63.8 cents/oz. ($11.49/18 oz.) Costco (22% cheaper) Always Ultra Thin Regular Pads (with wings) 15.2 cents/pad ($6.99/46 ct.) 13.5 cents/pad ($12.99/96 ct.) Costco (11% cheaper) Tampax Pearl Super Tampons 19.4 cents/tampon ($6.99/36 ct.) 14.1 cents/tampon ($13.49/96 ct.) Costco (27% cheaper) Poise Ultimate Absorbency Long Length Pads 42.6 cents/pad ($38.38/90 ct.) 35.2 cents/pad ($37.99/108 ct.) Costco (17% cheaper) Venus Disposable Razors Sensitive $1.662/razor ($9.97/6 ct.) $1.785/razor ($24.99/14 ct.) Amazon (7% cheaper) Neutrogena Makeup Remover Facial Towelettes 13.1 cents/towelette $19.72/150 ct. 13.1 cents/towelette $14.99/114 ct. Tie Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream 54.9 cents/oz. ($8.78/16 oz.) 55.5 cents/oz. ($15.99/28.8 oz.) Amazon (1% cheaper) Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer $3.368/oz. ($13.47/4 oz.) $2.50/oz. ($19.99/8 oz.) Costco (26% cheaper) RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer $16.880/oz. ($16.88/1 oz.) $13.632/oz. ($29.99/2.2 oz.) Costco (19% cheaper) Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Moisturizer $8.229/oz. ($13.99/1.7 oz.) $8.821/oz. ($29.99/3.4 oz.) Amazon (7% cheaper) Health Product Amazon Costco Low-Price Winner Nicorette Gum, White Ice, 4 mg 31.4 cents/piece ($50.30/160 ct.) 30 cents/piece ($59.99/200 ct.) Costco (4% cheaper) Ensure Original Nutrition Shake 14.9 cents/oz. ($7.17/48 oz.) 13.7 cents/oz. ($32.99/240 oz.) Costco (8% cheaper) Depend Fit-Flex Underwear, Women, small/medium 56.6 cents/pair ($42.99/76 ct.) 51.2 cents/pair ($42.99/84 ct.) Costco (10% cheaper) Schiff Move Free Advanced 13.1 cents/tablet ($15.77/120 ct.) 10.5 cents/tablet $20.99/200 ct.) Costco (20% cheaper) Vitafusion Women's Gummy Vitamin 6.5 cents/vitamin ($9.79/150 ct.) 4.1 cents/vitamin ($8.99/220 ct.) Costco (37% cheaper) One A Day 50+ Healthy Advantage Men's Multivitamin 10.5 cents/vitamin ($10.47/100 ct.) 8.1 cents/vitamin ($17.79/220 ct.) Costco (23% cheaper) Centrum Adult Multivitamin 6.1 cents/vitamin ($12.25/200 ct.) 4.5 cents/vitamin ($18.99/425 ct.) Costco (26% cheaper) Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release Gel Caps 500 mg 7.5 cents/caplet ($16.97/225 ct.) 5.7 cents/caplet ($16.49/290 ct.) Costco (24% cheaper) Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches 14.7 cents/patch ($8.79/60 ct.) 10.7 cents/patch ($14.99/140 ct.) Costco (27% cheaper) Bengay Ultra Strength Pain Relieving Cream $1.372/oz. ($5.49/4 oz.) $1.224/oz. ($9.79/8 oz.) Costco (11% cheaper) Bayer Aspirin 325 mg 5.2 cents/tablet ($10.39/200 ct.) 2 cents/tablet ($9.99/500 ct.) Costco (62% cheaper) Advil 200 mg 4.8 cents/tablet ($14.43/300 ct.) 4.7 cents/tablet ($16.99/360 ct.) Costco (2% cheaper) Excedrin Migraine 5 cents/tablet ($9.99/200 ct.) 3.7 cents/tablet ($10.99/300 ct.) Costco (26% cheaper) Flonase Allergy Relief Nasal Spray $34.204/oz. ($18.47/.54 oz.) $30.858/oz. ($49.99/1.62 oz.) Costco (10% cheaper) Trojan Condoms – Pleasure Pack Variety Pack 30 cents/condom ($29.99/100 ct.) 31.2 cents/condom ($12.49/40 ct.) Amazon (4% cheaper) Men's Rogaine Topical Aerosol $5.922/oz. ($37.49/6.33 oz.) $5.923/oz. ($49.99/8.44 oz.) Tie Neosporin Original Antibiotic Ointment $7.940/oz. ($3.97/.5 oz.) $5.495/oz. ($10.99/2 oz.) Costco (31% cheaper) Preparation H Medicated Wipes 9.6 cents/wipe ($18.39/192 ct.) 8.2 cents/wipe ($11.79/144 ct.) Costco (15% cheaper) Nexium 24 hr. 20 mg acid reducer 50.9 cents/tablet ($21.38/42 ct.) 56.4 cents/tablet ($23.69/42 ct.) Amazon (10% cheaper) Pepcid Complete Chewtabs Berry Flavor 30 cents/tablet ($14.93/50 ct.) 20 cents/tablet ($19.99/100 ct.) Costco (33% cheaper) Ricola Original Natural Herb Cough Drops 7.7 cents/drop ($3.83/50 ct.) 5 cents/drop ($12.99/260 ct.) Costco (35% cheaper) Mucinex Maximum Strength 12-Hour 1200 mg 54.1 cents/tablet ($22.74/42 ct.) 58.3 cents/tablet ($27.99/48 ct.) Amazon (7% cheaper) Breathe Right Extra Nasal Strips 41.5 cents/strip ($10.79/26 ct.) 31.8 cents/strip ($13.99/44 ct.) Costco (23% cheaper) Opti-Free Replenish Disinfecting Solution 71.4 cents/oz. ($14.28/20 oz.) 71.4 cents/oz. ($19.99/28 oz.) Tie Metamucil Orange Smooth Texture 13.1 cents/dose ($23.49/180 ct.) 12.3 cents/dose ($31.99/260 ct.) ­Costco (6% cheaper) *Prices obtained Aug. 9-12, 2017 in store at Costco and online at Amazon. Amazon items all shipped and sold from Amazon, not third-party sellers. To account for differences in quantities, we calculated per-unit prices and examined the difference between them. All applicable in-store discounts and rebates at Costco were considered, as were online coupons at Amazon. (We did not consider discounts Amazon offers as part of its Subscribe and Save program, as this requires a long-term commitment from the buyer, but we did include items from Prime Pantry, which requires an Amazon Prime membership.) Editor’s note: This item has been updated to correct the data regarding Always Ultra Thin Regular Pads (with wings), which had been previously been listed as cheaper on Amazon. Other figures impacted by this change have been adjusted as well.

  • Health & Wellness

    Drugstore Showdown: Which Pharmacy Is Cheapest?

    Is a chain drugstore the first place that comes to mind when you're out of toothpaste or need to have a prescription filled? You may be better off heading to a supermarket or big-box store. A recent pharmacy comparison by consistently found lower prices at Walmart, Target, and Kroger than at Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid, the three largest drugstore chains. From medications to vaccines to a selection of health, beauty, and personal-care products, the drugstores charged more than other retailers in the same market area. (Warehouse clubs such as Costco and Sam's Club also may offer significant savings on prescriptions, even for non-members , but consumers must pay to join if they want to purchase other items in our comparison.) Rewards programs and extensive inventories of store-brand products help the pharmacy chains compete on price. The smaller stores also make customer service more accessible and save time when shoppers need only a few things. Still, many consumers prefer to pick up drugstore items while shopping for groceries and other sundries, rather than make a separate trip. We gathered prices for 10 common generic prescription drugs, 10 immunizations, 20 over-the-counter drugs and vitamins, and 20 health and personal-care items. Walmart was the overall winner in three out of the four categories, making good on its promise of low prices. Here’s how the numbers shook out: For cheap immunizations, Walmart bested second-place Walgreens by more than 10 percent. It was more than 20 percent cheaper than CVS, which charged the most overall for immunizations. Consumers who are looking for the cheapest seasonal flu shot and don’t have insurance will find that there’s not much variance across pharmacies here; little more than a dollar separates Walmart’s low price of $39.88 from CVS’s high of $40.99. But choosing Walgreens for the high-dose flu shot recommended for seniors can net savings up to $10. Walmart had the lowest prices on over-the-counter medications and personal-care/beauty items. However, Target was a very close second. CVS was most expensive, charging about 28 and 36 percent more than Walmart in those categories, respectively. Kroger charged the lowest out-of-pocket prices on generic prescription medications , besting Walmart by 15 percent. Walgreens was most expensive, charging more than twice as much as Kroger. Prices can vary widely; for instance, a 30-day supply of atorvastatin, a generic version of the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor, was $30 at Kroger and Walmart but more than $95 at CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. (One important note: CVS now operates the pharmacies in Target stores, but the acquisition did not affect over-the-counter drugs and beauty/personal care products, which we compared separately.) Although it’s pretty clear that mass merchants have a big-time price advantage over drugstores, there are still some compelling reasons not to abandon your corner pharmacy: Convenience. CVS, for instance, has more than 9,700 stores in 49 states -- nearly double the number of Walmarts with pharmacies. Walgreens has more than 8,100 locations in all 50 states and is poised for more growth, with a planned acquisition of more than 1,900 Rite Aid stores. That means there’s probably a drugstore in your neighborhood. If you’re just making a quick trip to get a couple of prescriptions filled, or you need only some cough syrup as soon as possible, proximity often beats price. Additional services. Walk-in clinics operated by the drugstore chains offer a quick alternative to the family doctor. Most can diagnose and treat minor illnesses and injuries or perform quick checkups, physicals, and medical screenings. CVS has more than 1,100 MinuteClinics, while Walgreens has more than 400 health-care clinics. Big-box and grocery-store health clinics are less common. Selection. Stand-alone pharmacies have a wider selection of certain items, particularly personal-care products and over-the-counter medications. That includes store-brand substitutes for common over-the-counter drugs, which can be a big money-saver. Rewards programs. CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid have extensive rewards programs that give cardholders access to sale prices, buy-one-get-one deals, and points that can be converted to discounts on future purchases. These can help make up the price differences on certain products compared with mass-merchant pharmacies, but they are limited-time promotions rather than everyday low prices. Personal attention. If you feel like you’re always searching for help in a big-box store, you might appreciate the more intimate shopping experience offered by a stand-alone pharmacy. During our visits, we observed pharmacy employees greeting regular customers by name -- not a common phenomenon at mass merchants.

  • Cocina y Alimentación

    Las Mejores Ofertas de Comida en Costco: Comparando los Precios de 50 Productos

    Comprar al mayor en un almacén es algo común para el ahorrativo, pero no todos los productos son una ganga. Los compradores que eligen estos lugares pueden ahorrar hasta un 67 por ciento.

  • Estilo de Vida

    40 Juguetes Que Los Niños Realmente Quieren Este Año

    Es hora de que Santa y todos los demás hagan compras navideñas, así que no espere a buscar los juguetes que los niños de todo el mundo exigirán antes de que se agoten.

  • Dinero

    25 Productos Sorprendentemente Buenos En Costco, Walmart, y Target

    Si consideras que Costco, Walmart y Target son las marcas de alimentos con las mejores ofertas, no dejes de lado estos productos para el hogar.

  • Belleza y Estilo

    20 Productos de Belleza Dignos de Comprar en Costco

    Desde desodorantes y productos de cuidado personal hasta champús de salón, aquí están los mejores productos de belleza en Costco.

  • Estilo de Vida

    Desde Bras para Guardar Vino hasta Bóxer ‘Transpirable’: 13 Inventos Locos de Ropa Interior

    Estas especiales piezas de ropa interior pueden esconder olores o manejar periodos o incontinencia de manera elegante, contrabandear bebidas alcohólicas, y hasta quizás bloquear la radiación de un teléfono.

  • Cocina y Alimentación

    El Mejor Restaurante Mexicano en Cada Estado

    Desde restaurantes pintorescos hasta ambiciosos innovadores que buscan redefinir la cocina mexicana, estos restaurantes de primera categoría ofrecen la mejor tarifa al sur de la frontera en cada estado.

  • Cocina y Alimentación

    60 Restaurantes Icónicos de los EE.UU. que Debes Probar Antes de Morir

    Desde la más humilde cabaña de perros calientes en West Virginia hasta el más lujoso restaurante de mariscos en Miami Beach (con espacio para donas), estos restaurantes deben ir a tu lista de prioridades.

  • Dinero

    15 Productos Ikea para Comprar y 15 para Pasar

    El gigante de muebles para el hogar, Ikea, tiene aficionados en todo el mundo para equipar casas con estilo a precios económicos, pero también tiene algunos productos que mejor se deben evitar.

  • Viajes

    25 Destinos Baratos Para Viajes Fuera de Temporada

    Retrase los planes de viaje hasta que salgan las multitudes y bajen las temperaturas para cosechar ahorros en los viajes a estos 25 destinos atractivos, de Ohio a Hungría.

  • Hogar y Jardín

    7 Mejores Trampas Para Mosquitos con un Bajo Presupuesto investigó sobre siete trampas de mosquitos baratas para su uso en interiores, al aire libre, o en cualquier lugar a que vayas.

  • Dinero

    16 Hallazgos Incomparables Para el Regreso a Clases en Costco y Sam's Club

    Las listas de regreso a clases son largas y los gastos se acumulan, por lo que no querrá perderse estas ofertas de Costco y Sam's Club en mochilas, impresoras y más.

  • Cocina y Alimentación

    9 Excelentes Refrigeradores por Menos de $1,000

    En esta lista reunimos los mejores refrigeradores en varios modelos, por menos de $1,000, así como una unidad con puerta francesa para los más ahorrativos.

  • Estilo de Vida

    10 Maneras de Ahorar Dinero en Una Boda Con Costco, Sam's, o BJ's

    Tiendas departamentales pueden bajar los costos de una boda con algo tan simple como elegir los dulces de la boda y tan complejo como la comida entera, flores, bar abierto.

  • Viajes

    Los 40 Mejores Lugares en Estados Unidos para Viajar en el Tiempo

    Encuentra los mejores lugares en América para vivir re-promulgaciones históricas, ferias del renacimiento, y restaurantes temáticos.

  • Automotriz

    11 Formas De Ahorrar Dinero Para su Automóvil En Costco

    Desde la gasolina hasta el seguro para los neumáticos. Costco ofrece muchas maneras para ayudar a los automovilistas a disminuir los costos de su automóvil.

  • Viajes

    50 Maravillosos Hospedajes en Airbnb en Todo Estados Unidos

    Sé creativo al viajar y quédate en una cabaña al estilo de Hobbit, una tipi, un campamento de hamacas, una casa-bote, una cabaña privada, un pent-house lujoso, o una casa de Frank Lloyd Wright.

  • Viajes

    La Única Cosa Que Debes Hacer En Todos Los Estados

    Para aquellos que desean visitar todos los estados, aquí hay 50 cosas memorables que vale la pena poner en tu lista.

  • Familia

    15 de las Mascotas Más Costosas de Tener

    Estas 15 mascotas están entre las más costosas de tener. Registra los costos de adquirirlas y tenerlas antes de continuar con la compra.

  • Viajes

    25 Destinos Económicas para Viajes en Temporada Baja

    Retrasa los planes de viaje hasta que las personas hayan terminado sus viajes y las temperaturas caigan para ahorrar en viajes a estos 25 destinos atractivos, desde Ohio hasta Hungría.

  • Travel

    Best Cheap Luggage

    While prices can easily mount to $300 or much more for high-end luggage sets, there are inexpensive options below $150 for frugal travelers who wish to save their money for other travel expenses. Cheap luggage comes in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Tote bags and the smallest rolling carry-ons start around $40, while larger bags are slightly more expensive. We waded through thousands of consumer and expert reviews of both hard-sided and soft fabric luggage to find which budget-priced bags offer the best mix of functionality, resilience, and overall value. We also discovered a couple of cheap luggage sets that should be left at the curb.

  • Appliances

    Best Cheap Thermostats

    Programming a thermostat is a simple way to cut energy costs. It can automatically lower the temperature in the winter and raise it in the summer, to save energy when you're sleeping or away from home, and kick up the heat or AC when you need it again. The Environmental Protection Agency pegs yearly savings at about $180 for the "average" U.S. household. Frugal consumers who don't want to pay a lot upfront to realize long-term savings can find a cheap programmable thermostat that reliably maintains a consistent temperature, within a degree or so, and is a cinch to use. We scanned thousands of expert and consumer reviews to find the best candidates for your wall. Our top picks include models between $20 and $50 that allow for weekend vs. weekday adjustability or even seven individual days of set-it-and-forget-it temperature control. We also recommend a couple of pricier but relatively affordable "smart thermostats" that can be remotely controlled.

  • Lawn & Garden

    Best Cheap Mosquito Traps

    Nothing ruins a warm summer night like mosquitoes. If these whining pests are keeping you from enjoying your yard, a cheap mosquito trap can help. Mosquito traps range from small $20 electric models that can sit on a patio to propane-powered behemoths that cost upward of $300 and must be wheeled from place to place. More expensive traps often fare as well -- or poorly -- in reviews as their budget-friendly counterparts, so this is one product category where the cheap brands may, in fact, be among the best bets. We looked over thousands of consumer reviews as well as expert sources to figure out which cheap mosquito traps are most effective at keeping those pesky, and sometimes disease-bearing, bugs away.