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Dollar Store Christmas Gifts

10 Holiday Gifts You Can Get At The Dollar Store

Posted on 12/10/2013 8:30 EST

Stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and presents for teachers are generally relegated to the "inexpensive" column at holiday time. Then it turns out you need to buy a lot of them, and as the numbers mount, the prices don't seem so cheap anymore. Dollar stores are the ideal shopping solution -- they carry gift-worthy items that are always less than $20 and often cost no more than $5 or $10.

We checked out Family Dollar and Dollar General for ideas about holiday gifts that will appeal to many people on your list.

Large Building Blocks

Increasingly dollar stores are trying to be on trend with toys, gift items, and holiday decor, says Bob Giles, a vice president at Family Dollar. That means, for example, stocking popular brand-name toys because kids know the difference between the real thing and the wannabes. Bottom line: Shopping the dollar store aisles lets holiday gift givers save money without seeming chintzy.


1. Toddlers might be too young for Legos, but they still like to build. Family Dollar sells a bucket of 25 large blocks for $5. This might be a bit bulky to stuff in a stocking, but it's sure to get a workout once retrieved from under the tree.

2. Believe it or not, Cabbage Patch Kids are making a comeback. Retailers such as Toys R Us are selling them for up to $35, but you can find the dolls at Family Dollar for $10.

3. Action figures are ever popular with boys, and dollar stores are full of them. You can find Power Rangers at Dollar General for $7 and large Marvel toys like the Hulk and Iron Man at Family Dollar for $12.

4. If you're ever stuck on what to give a young boy, try anything with wheels. Racing cars, demolition trucks, motorcycles, auto carriers with cars are available at dollar stores for $5.

5. For girls of a certain age, Monster High dolls are glamorous yet bizarre -- an enticing combination that makes them immensely appealing. Pick up one at Family Dollar for less than $15, which beats the price at big-box chains. Dollar stores also stock accessory sets, tagged at about $5.

6. Older kids (in the ‘tween and teen years) are notoriously hard to please. Dollar stores come to the rescue with over-ear headphones, another blast from the past now back in vogue. Family Dollar sells a neon-color set that comes with a 4 GB MP3 player for $20; less adorned versions go for $5. If a cell phone or tablet is the centerpiece holiday gift, dollar stores can help out with tablet accessories and cell phone covers in fashionable colors for less than $10.

7. Active kids will appreciate basketballs, footballs or soccer balls. You can spend up to $35 a piece at venues like Sports Authority, but dollar stores carry these items for $10 or so. Games are always a hit with active kids. Family Dollar sells a variety of table-top games, including air hockey, pinball, pool, and foosball, in the $10-$20 range.

Miscellaneous Gifts.

You've probably been invited to any number of holiday parties, so hostess gifts are on order. With the current emphasis on style trends this year, dollar stores are stocked with a good selection of items that would not be out of place at higher-end outlets.

Ferraro Rocher Chocolates

8. Candles create a cozy holiday atmosphere, and mercury glass is totally of the moment. A set of small candles in mercury glass holders carries a $10 price tag at Family Dollar. Large candles with scents like gardenia or apple cinnamon fetch $5 at Dollar General.

9. The time-honored gift of edible treats is always appropriate for hosts, teachers, and colleagues. Ferraro Rocher chocolates look classy in their gold duds and sell for $3-$4 at dollar stores. Russell Stover chocolates packed in tins cost less than $5 and tins of Pirouette wafers go for about $3… and the list goes on. Suffice it to say that dollar stores can be a life saver when you need these small tokens of appreciation at holiday time.

10. Heighten the effect by packing the gifts in a pretty, reusable bag or an attractive box that you can buy for a dollar (some come in sets). If you need gift wrap and neglected to stock up last year when prices plummeted after the holiday season, dollar stores are there for you with wrapping paper at about $3 a roll.

Gift Shopping Tips.

In case you're feeling overwhelmed, Leah Ingram of Suddenly Frugal offers several tips that can help you sail through the shopping season with your budget intact.

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