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28 Items That Are Cheaper at Whole Foods

Posted on 2/20/2015 10:09 EST

Whole Foods has a reputation for both high quality and high prices. But as national chains such as Walmart and Kroger have jumped into the growing market for organic food, Whole Foods has lowered many of its prices, especially on its popular 365 Everyday Value brand. Cheapism.com investigated the shelves to find the best deals. Comparing items at a Whole Foods on Long Island in New York with a nearby ShopRite, we found some surprising prices on everyday items, both organic and not.

whats cheap at whole foods
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This popular meat substitute is cheaper at Whole Foods, where health-conscious shoppers make it a regular part of their shopping lists. Higher volume means Whole Foods can offer 14 ounces of organic tofu for $1.99. The cheapest organic tofu option at ShopRite was $2.99, a dollar more for the same quantity.

Vegetarian Sausage Links.

Apparently even vegetarians like the taste of sausage. The popular brand Tofurkey is available at both stores. At Whole Foods, Tofurkey vegan sausage links are $2.99 for a 14-ounce pack; the same product is a whopping $5.49 at ShopRite.

Vegan Cheese.

Non-dairy cheese satisfies the cheesy cravings of vegans and lactose-intolerant cheese lovers. If that describes you, pick up this dairy alternative at Whole Foods, where it's $2.99 for a 6.7-ounce pack, compared with $3.79 at ShopRite for the same size.

Shredded Cheese.

Whole Foods offers a variety of flavors of organic shredded cheeses at $5.19 for an 8-ounce pack, compared with ShopRite, where the cheapest 8 ounce package of shredded organic cheeses start at $5.99.

Cream Cheese.

Store brands go head to head in this category, with 8 ounces of Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value packaged cream cheese winning at $1.89, compared with the ShopRite brand at $2.19* for the same 8-ounce size. Both cream cheeses claim to use milk from cows that have not been treated with the hormone rBGH.

Almond Milk.

Whole Foods had the lower price for almond milk. Comparing the half-gallon products available,** Whole Foods comes in at $3.69 compared with a slightly pricier option at ShopRite for $3.79.

Organic Ice Cream Pops.

While fans of organic foods are happy that these treats can now be found at regular supermarkets, Whole Foods offers many organic sweets for less. A wide assortment of 3-ounce organic ice cream pops, including some non-dairy options, are $3.99 for a three-pack, compared with $4.59 for the same size organic ice cream treats at ShopRite, which had a smaller selection.

Organic Frozen Berries.

Berries are counted among the so-called "Dirty Dozen" foods that consumers are encouraged to buy organic. Whole Foods sells 16 ounces of organic frozen berries for as little as $3.29. Yet again, ShopRite is more expensive, offering 16 ounces of frozen organic berries for $3.99 to $4.79.

Organic Green Beans.

Whole Foods has the best prices on many frozen produce items. Sixteen ounces of cut or whole organic green beans are $2.29 under the 365 Everyday Value label, compared with $2.50 for the same quantity at ShopRite.

Organic Green Peas.

If you are a green pea lover, the 365 Everyday Value bag is $1.39 for 16 ounces of organic peas. That's 30 percent less than the $1.99 ShopRite charges for a 16 ounce bag.

Organic Sweet Corn.

Organic and non-GMO corn is becoming more popular as concerns about genetically modified foods grow. Whole Foods is on trend with a cheaper bag of organic frozen sweet corn at $2.29 for 16 ounces, compared with $2.50 at ShopRite for the same size.

Natural Frozen Burritos.

This freezer staple comes in meaty, veggie, and vegan versions at both stores, but Whole Foods offers slightly cheaper products from its 365 Everyday Value line, starting at $1.69 for each 6-ounce burrito. ShopRite's prices go no lower than $2.50.

Natural Thin Crust Frozen Pizzas.

This popular store-brand item is available in different flavors and accommodates a range of dietary restrictions. A 13.5-ounce frozen pizza comes in at $3.99 from Whole Foods' 365 Everyday Value brand. ShopRite's versions start at a much higher $6.99.

5-Inch Potted Flower Plants.

Both markets offer a variety of fresh-cut flowers and potted plants. Many of the prices are similar, but the potted flowers are cheaper at Whole Foods, at $2.99. The same size plant at ShopRite costs $4.99.

100 Percent Concord Grape Juice.

A childhood favorite, this tasty juice is never cheap, though some brands are more budget-friendly than others. Whole Foods' 365 Everyday Value brand has a 32-ounce version for $3.69, while the 32-ounce ShopRite product costs $4.99.

Organic Breakfast Cereals.

From flakes and loops to puffs and squares, the 365 Everyday Value line of 12.25-ounce organic breakfast cereals starts at $2.99. The pricier name brand organic cereals at ShopRite start at $3.49.

Cereal and Breakfast Bars.

These grab-and-go convenience foods are a staple in many homes. The Whole Foods brand commands $2.29 for a box of six, a full dollar less than the ShopRite version at $3.29.

Saltine Crackers.

Whole Foods gets credit for lowering the cost of this classic cracker. Its 365 Everyday Value brand beats out the $3.29 ShopRite box at just $2.99 for the same 16 ounces.

Organic Coconut Oil.

Whether you use it in baking, for sautéing, or as body butter, you can save by stocking up on this all-purpose item at Whole Foods for $5.99. It costs at least $6.49 at ShopRite for the same 14-ounce size.

Dried Basil.

This essential ingredient for pastas, pizzas, and salads is considerably cheaper at Whole Foods. A half ounce of 365 Everyday Value brand dried basil costs $1.99, while ShopRite's cheapest option is $2.99.

Cayenne Pepper.

The 365 Everyday Value brand offers solid savings on spices. Cayenne pepper is $1.99 for .53 ounces, while ShopRite's offering starts at $3.19 for the same size bottle.


Whole Foods sells 20 ounces of non-GMO Kikkoman Tamari for $4.69. ShopRite offers 10 ounces of regular Kikkoman Tamari at $3.99. The more health-conscious Whole Foods version comes out to 24 cents per ounce, while ShopRite's is 40 cents per ounce.

Organic Canned Tomatoes.

Whole Foods offers a slew of organic canned tomatoes in different styles and sizes. A 28-ounce can of whole, peeled tomatoes is $1.99, about 7 cents an ounce. Compare that to the 14-ounce can at ShopRite for $1.70, roughly 12 cents an ounce. Whole Foods is more than 40 percent cheaper.

Organic Long Grain Brown Rice.

A 2-pound bag at ShopRite costs $3.19, or $1.59 a pound, whereas the 5-pound bag at Whole Foods under the 365 Everyday Value label is $5.79, or $1.15 a pound. That's almost 50 cents cheaper per pound at Whole Foods.

Hearts of Palm.

This tropical treat is delicious addition to a salad. Whole Foods beats the competition with sliced hearts of palm at $2.19 for a 14-ounce can, a savings of more than 20 percent over a $2.79 can at ShopRite.

Organic Lentil Soup.

Whole Foods sells 17 ounces of organic and vegan lentil soup for $2.69, compared with ShopRite's 14.5-ounce version at $3.29.

Organic Broth and Stock.

Whole Foods organic broths and stocks come in sizes ranging from 32 to 48 ounces and carry prices up to $2.99. ShopRite's similar organic offerings start at $3.19 for 32 ounces. Organic vegetable stock, for example, is $2.49 at Whole Foods and $3.19 at ShopRite.

Almond Butter.

This delicious alternative to peanut butter can be pricey. Consumers can save at Whole Foods with a price of $6.99 for a 16-ounce jar, compared with an eye-popping $9.99 at ShopRite for the same size jar.

*An earlier version of this story listed a price of $2.79 for ShopRite cream cheese. The correct price is $2.19.

**An earlier version of this story referred to gallon sizes of store-brand almond milk. The products in the comparison (the cheapest available at each store the day we shopped) were half-gallons and the ShopRite offering was a national brand.

by Tess Rose Lampert (Google+ Profile)

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