Wenzel Insta-Bed Review


Wenzel Insta-Bed reviews give the high sign to the high performance of this air mattress: it stands 22 tall, it retains its shape, and provides a comfortable night's sleep. Consumers posting Wenzel Insta-Bed reviews on Buzzillions say it's the right height for easy on and off, especially for aging parents; it feels firm and stable; and it quickly inflates and deflates. Several Wenzel Insta-Bed reviews report this air mattress is used as a fulltime bed and can accommodate sleepers in the 250-plus weight category without any softening of support. Indeed, it needs a top-off of air only periodically, according to Wenzel Insta-Bed reviews on Amazon, where users say it can go for five days and more before showing signs of air loss. One host even notes that guests were anxious to return because they slept so soundly. Users also appreciate the gripping design on the bottom, which keeps the mattress from sliding on the floor. But for all the positive appraisals, we also read a fair number of Wenzel Insta-Bed reviews reporting problems such as air bubbles, serious leaks, mid-mattress sagging, and non-functioning air pumps.

The Wenzel Insta-Bed is a full-size queen, measuring 80x60 inches, and is 22 inches thick when inflated. It features a built-in 120V electric air pump that the manufacturer's specs say can inflate the mattress in 90 seconds. The top is flocked and there are coils on the inside for support and air distribution. It also comes with a nylon carrying bag, a convenience for sure, but one that users say requires a bit of pushing and shoving to get the mattress shell stuffed inside.

But for the price, which places the Wenzel Insta-Bed at the high end of the Cheapism niche, this model would have earned a spot on our list. It garners strong reviews, but you could do just as well with one of the cheaper air beds we found.

Maralyn Edid

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