Envion Ionic Pro Turbo Review


Think Twice
With a large coverage range (500 square feet) and relatively low cost, this unit may seem like a bargain, but for the questionable efficacy and potential health risks of air ionizers.

The Ionic Pro Turbo from Envion (starting at $135, Amazon) is less than half the cost of popular ionic air purifiers such as Sharper Image’s Ionic Comfort Quadra. With its low price and an ideal coverage range for small apartments -- up to 500 square feet -- this is an attractive option for many consumers. A slim, black tower design makes it less obtrusive and more "stylish" than bulkier models that cover a similar size area.

While reviews traditionally mention “white noise” and complain about more intrusive rattling from air purifiers with filters and fans, the technology employed by the Ionic Pro Turbo is completely silent. It relies on ionization to electrify and capture a claimed 99.9 percent of airborne pollutants greater than 1 micron in size. In customer reviews on the Walmart website, the Ionic Pro Turbo garners an average of 4.2 stars out of 5 and is frequently recommended for use in bedrooms and other areas where quiet is desired. Several reviewers express amazement at the amount of gunk the purifier collects on its blades, and many credit the machine with alleviating allergy symptoms and breathing difficulties (one used it while recuperating from lung surgery).

Because it doesn't use filters, the Ionic Pro Turbo doesn’t incur the ongoing maintenance costs associated with regular replacement. Even when holding up this model against similar ionic air purifiers, many reviewers point to the front-loading collection blade, which doesn’t require a lengthy and intricate process to remove accumulated dirt and debris from its blades. The Ionic Pro Turbo also displays an alert and automatically shuts down when it requires deep cleaning.

Attractive, affordable, easy to clean, and easy on the ears -- it sounds almost too good to be true. And, indeed, there may be more than a few catches here. Ionic technology is not without its foibles, as discussed at length in our air purifier buying guide. Although ionic air purifiers adhere to government safety standards, they are known to emit low levels of ozone, a potential health risk. There are also questions about their effectiveness at removing significant amounts of pollutants from the air, as a great deal of the residue not captured by the blades tends to settle on walls and furniture, creating stains. For this model in particular, there are enough reports on Amazon and elsewhere of faulty models that broke down soon after initial use to give us pause. In the final assessment, it seems that consumers get both more and less than they bargained for with the Envion Ionic Pro Turbo.

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