Fisher-Price Remote Control Musical Monitor Review



This Fisher-Price baby monitor delivers more than just basic functions and must-have features, such as rechargeable batteries and low-battery and out-of-range indicators. It also allows you to remotely operate a nightlight and play music and nature sounds for your baby. Such extras help make it a great value for the money.

Fisher-Price baby monitor reviews tend to focus on features other inexpensive baby monitors don't have. From the parent unit on the Fisher-Price Remote Control Musical Audio Monitor, parents can remotely operate a nightlight or play calming sounds and music for their babies without entering the room and potentially disturbing them. Users rave about these bonus functions in baby monitor reviews. The children of one parent posting a review on Buzzillions request the music each night at bedtime. In another review on Buzzillions, a user says she likes the monitor enough to recommend it to others in spite of having to return it due to interference with her wireless router.

The Fisher-Price Remote Control Musical Audio Monitor (starting at $50 with one receiver, $90 with two, Amazon) is advertised with a 900 MHz frequency, yet several users assert that it operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency, which is commonly shared with wireless routers. A consumer products testing site says this baby monitor successfully minimizes interference. However, this model gets low scores for range and battery life.

Where to buy

Your satisfaction with this monitor may depend on how much you plan to use the light, music, and sound functions. If you think you'd like an inexpensive digital baby monitor with a few bonus features, you may find it worthwhile to try the Fisher-Price Remote Control Musical Audio Monitor and see how well it works in your home.

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