Safety 1st Sound View Monitor Review


Think Twice

At first glance, this basic baby monitor seems like a good budget buy. Take a second look, however, and you'll find that the Sound View isn't just basic; it's lacking. No out-of-range indicator and no rechargeable batteries make the difference between a reliable monitor and one that isn't very portable or cost-efficient.

Unfortunately, as one user suggests in a Safety 1st Sound View review on Amazon, you may get what you pay for here. Like the Graco UltraClear, the Safety 1st Sound View Monitor (also starting at $23 for one receiver, Amazon) doesn't have rechargeable batteries. So, if you plan to use the monitor on battery power, get ready to pay up for constant battery replacement. This particular monitor also takes only 9-volt batteries, which tend to be more expensive than other batteries and can also be harder to find, especially in bulk, making it harder to comparison shop or stock up to save money. Another user notes in a review on Amazon that you need a screwdriver to change the batteries, which you would have to do often if you frequently relied on battery power.

The lack of rechargeable batteries and single parent unit make the Safety 1st Sound View far less portable and easy to use than some of the other baby monitors on our list. On top of that, the Sound View doesn't have an out-of-range indicator, which is a deal breaker in our book.

Maralyn Edid

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