Trader Joe's Premium Canned Cat Food review



BEST CANNED CAT FOOD. This low-cost wet cat food boasts premier ingredients -- no byproducts and small amounts of grain. Cat forums say most pets adore Trader Joe's wet cat food as long as they like the pate texture.

Online comments from experts and pet owners reveal fervent support for this store-brand canned cat food. Trader Joe's Premium cat food reviews at sites such as Viewpoints herald the high quality-to-price ratio, owing to a list of ingredients heavy on muscle-meat protein (e.g., chicken, turkey, fish) and relatively light on less desirable carbs. Pet owners say Trader Joe's Premium gives the most bang for the buck in terms of adequate nutrition and the pate-like texture satisfies all but the pickiest eaters. One cat food reviewer at a forum for the food retailer's fans writes of trying several brands of wet food on a rescued 10-year old cat with only eye teeth and this is the product the cat chose. At Zoo Too another Trader review reports the tuna flavor adequately disguises medication, and while this variety may seem smelly to humans, cats go crazy for it. Cat food reviews posted by bloggers assert Trader's Joe's Premium may be the best wet cat food for the price.

Dining options in this canned cat food line are limited to chicken, tuna, and turkey in various combinations. Compared to some budget cat foods, the list of ingredients is appealing: real animal protein, no byproducts or preservatives, and tolerable amounts of carbohydrates such as brewers rice and oat bran. Chicken broth is noted as the first ingredient, followed by animal and/or fish protein; the guaranteed analysis puts moisture at a maximum 78 percent, crude protein at a minimum 9 percent, crude fat at a minimum 5 percent, and crude fiber at a maximum 1 percent.

Cats have real preferences when it comes to food texture, so Trader Joe's is not a guaranteed hit. But for canned food devotes on a budget, it's sure worth a try.

Elizabeth Sheer

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