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Proctor Silex E160B Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder
Where to Buy Proctor Silex E160B Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder

A user review online reports that Proctor Silex E160B (starting at $12, Amazon) is a perfect grinder for someone who uses a French press coffee maker to make two cups of coffee at a time. Users at Epinions, however, complains that the design of the cap allows coffee beans to spill all over, and that the grinder does not distribute the beans well while grinding. Many users at Amazon report that they found this model very good for grinding flax seeds. Others note that it's adequate for grinding enough beans for one or two cups of coffee at a time. The Coffee Grinders blog notes that this grinder works well as long as you do not grind more than three tablespoons at a time. Another user at this blog reports that this grinder is only suitable for a course grind, and it does not fine grind. The Proctor Silex E160B is a very compact coffee grinder with stainless steel blades, a retractable cord and a safety on/off switch. Users report that this grinder works very well for grinding flax seeds and other types of seeds, and for producing a coarse grind for one or two cups of coffee. If you want a very compact grinder for these purposes, this model might work for you.

by Maralyn Edid (Google+ Profile) – September 6, 2012
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