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This is an over-the counter diet pill that claims to work by boosting metabolism and burning fat. Containing natural ingredients such as Wakame seaweed and raspberry ketones, Apidexin is consistently ranked among the safest and most effective diet pills by diet review websites and consumers.

Important note: The review below is based on accessible public information. It is possible that the consumer and expert reviews we found were posted by people or organizations affiliated with the diet pill maker. We do not vouch for the effectiveness or safety of this diet pill, and urge you to consult your doctor about the pros and cons of taking diet pills to help you lose weight.

Apidexin (starting at $50/month, Amazon) is an over-the-counter diet pill that claims to burn fat and increase the speed of your metabolism to help you lose weight. Both consumer and expert diet pills reviews rank it among the safest and most effective of all diet pills. One recent user writes in an Apidexin review on Caloriesperhour.com of losing 18 pounds in the first seven weeks and an additional five pounds over the next three weeks, gaining muscle all the while. Apidexin contains natural ingredients such as raspberry ketones and Wakame seaweed. DietResearch notes that these are just common herbs and won't do you any harm. Although these individual ingredients have been clinically tested in a variety of different studies and found to be safe and effective, this doesn't mean that the entire product has been tested. Further studies should be done on Apidexin itself so consumers will have a better idea of the safety and effectiveness of the product itself.

Where to buy

You don't have much to lose (in the way of money, that is) if you want to see how Apidexin works for you. There's a money-back guarantee with this product that lets you return one already-opened bottle and any number of unopened bottles for a full refund. Most users experience few to no side effects, according to Apidexin reviews. Reports on Womens-health.com from those who do note that the effects are moderate and usually felt as just a spike in energy and a tolerable feeling of slight jitters.

If you're determined to use diet pills, Apidexin is a good choice. It contains safe, natural ingredients that have been widely tested and seems to be an effective weight loss aid for many people. Of course, each person's body will react differently to diet pills of any kind. This one has a good money-back guarantee, so you can return it if it doesn't do much for you.

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