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Important note: The review below is based on accessible public information. It is possible that the consumer and expert reviews we found were posted by people or organizations affiliated with the diet pill maker. We do not vouch for the effectiveness or safety of this diet pill, and urge you to consult your doctor about the pros and cons of taking diet pills to help you lose weight.

Lipofuze (starting at $30/month, Amazon) is a diet pill that ostensibly burns fat and boosts metabolism in order to speed up weight loss. This product includes six patented ingredients and four clinically-tested ingredients that reportedly assist with weight loss. Lipofuze is considered a safe choice for people interested in diet pills because it contains natural ingredients that have been tested in third-party clinical trials and found to be safe for consumers. According to a Lipofuze review on, specific ingredients, such as thermodiamine, actually have years of research studies backing up their claims of safety.

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People who are interested in rapid weight loss may find Lipofuze to be an effective tool. They are likely to experience very few side effects, if any, when taking this pill. Users report in Lipofuze reviews on that they lost weight quickly when first starting to take this diet pill. One consumer reports losing nine pounds in the first two weeks, according to a review on Unfortunately, Lipofuze doesn't seem to lead to long-term weight loss; users on these same sites report that the benefits fade after a while. On the plus side, consumers report few to no side effects from Lipofuze.

The bottom line: Lipofuze may be a good choice for dieters who are interested in obtaining quick, short-term weight loss through the use of diet pills. Lipofuze is considered a safe product given its ingredients and limited to no side effects.

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