Frigidaire FBD2400K Review


Think Twice

Cheap, basic, and old school with its mechanical dials, this Frigidaire model offers only two wash cycles (normal and light) and one wash arm plus a collapsible center tower to spray the water. Some users appreciate the simplicity but others say it's noisy, fails to clean adequately, and needs repairs.

What some users like about this very inexpensive dishwasher, according to Frigidaire FBD2400K reviews, are the simplicity and decent performance. What they don't like is the noise and unreliability and the crummy cleaning job. Reviews at AJ Madison reflect this divide: one of the four reviews says the price is right, as is the end result; three posts bemoan the finished product, saying dishes don't get clean unless they're washed beforehand, and a couple report problems with build quality. Similar appraisals show up in reviews posted elsewhere, including Abt. Again, some users express satisfaction with the dishwasher's abilities and design, saying the no-frills features are just what's needed, dishes et al emerge clean, and the machine is easy to load. Others retort that it's loud, awkward to load, rinses rather than washes, vibrates, and breaks down.

Unlike other budget dishwashers we researched, the Frigidaire FBD2400K (starting at $233, Amazon) is truly bare bones. It has mechanical dial controls instead of electronic touchpads or buttons and only two wash cycles, regular and light, compared with the minimum four on the others. There are two temperature settings, a heat/no heat dry, a hard food disposer, and room for up to 12 place settings. It lacks a sanitize option, high-temperature wash, and an Energy Star. Rather than wash arms, the Frigidaire FBD2400K features a lower wash arm and a collapsible tower that rises up through the center of the bottom rack for the wash cycles. The noise rating is 62dBA, several notches above our top picks. This model is available in white and black.

The Frigidaire FBD2400K is about as basic a dishwasher as you'll find these days, and the price is certainly eye-catching. But if you can stretch the budget by a few dollars more than half this model's going price, you can get an appliance with more and better functionality.

Elizabeth Sheer

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