Admiral AED4675YQ Review



This Home Depot exclusive offers 6.5 cubic feet of capacity, 11 dry cycles with three temperature settings, and a powder-coated drum. Reviewers consider it a good buy for the money and a large majority report satisfaction with its drying performance.

Users who posted Admiral AED4675YQ reviews consider this electric dryer's performance satisfactory and admire its efficiency and large, 6.5-cubic-foot interior. Manufactured by Whirlpool and sold exclusively through Home Depot, this is an attractive option for consumers who need a reliable dryer on the cheap. A gas-run version, the Admiral AGD4675YQ, is also available.

Consumers like this simple dryer despite the scant feature set, with most reporting in Admiral AED4675YQ reviews at the vendor's site that the contents dry evenly and quickly. The range of cycle options, such as energy preferred, very dry, and no heat fluff (for a total of 11) offers enough choice to get the job done, they say. Like many dryers in its price range, the Admiral AED4675YQ does not include an interior light or end-of-cycle buzzer, and some users long for the latter. Although users generally say the wrinkle prevention feature adds value, a handful complains that it doesn't work. This model monitors dryness via a temperature gauge rather than a moisture sensor, and here, too, we found a few reviews asserting that the dryer leaves clothes feeling damp. (This complaint pops up with some regularity in reviews of budget and high-end models with sensors.)

A tapered back on this machine combines with the dryer vent to make it stick out farther from the wall than other models, an issue mentioned by several reviewers. The resulting 29.25-inch depth makes it appropriate only for consumers with ample laundry space. On the other hand, Admiral AED4675YQ reviews often remark on the reversible door, asserting it's easy to affix for left- or right-side opening.

The lack of expert buzz on this machine notwithstanding, user reviews indicate that the Admiral AED4675YQ is a good solution for cash-strapped consumers who want a dependable, if unremarkable, clothes dryer.

Emily Lugg

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