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Zenni Optical Review


This online eyeglasses vendor is one of the cheapest around and popular with discount eyewear bloggers and the vast bulk of customers. Zenni Optical scores for overall value and user-friendliness.

From Zenni Optical reviews in publications like The New York Times, Reader's Digest, and Slate to industry blogs like Glassy Eyes and Eyeglass Retailer Reviews, experts applaud this online eyewear provider's dirt-cheap prices. Zenni Optical's abundant selection of eyeglasses priced below $7, which includes standard single-vision lenses and anti-scratch coating, has won enthusiasts the web over.

Formerly known as 19 Dollar Glasses, this virtual eyeglasses vendor changed its name after reducing prices. Zenni Optical (starting at $7) is one of the cheapest online eyewear sites, with a wide selection of frames that sell for less than $7, standard single-vision lenses and anti-scratch coating included. Although the company is located in California, eyewear ships from Hong Kong and is prone to customs delays. Experts appreciate the list of frame measurements on the site but express disappointment in the quality of the anti-reflective coatings. Users either love the glasses or hate them, and the fans far outnumber the critics.

What aren't they enthusiastic about? In an industry plagued by long lead times, Zenni Optical's turnaround is occasionally slower than most, says a Zenni Optical review by Glassy Eyes. Additionally, some reviews, including one by Eyeglass Retailer Reviews, consider the anti-reflective coatings subpar.

Consumers who have posted Zenni Optical reviews are polarized in their opinions; many are staunch supporters and some are loud naysayers, with few standing the middle ground. Overall, the most recent set of reviews on Reseller Ratings give Zenni 8.2 out of 10 stars, while the assessment of this discount online eyewear vendor averages four out of five stars at Epinions. Among Zenni Optical reviewers, the pro-camp praises the fit and look of the frames, the prescription accuracy, and the overall service while dissenters grumble about questionable quality control, prescription errors, and indifferent responsiveness to problems.

Rock-bottom prices make Zenni Optical an attractive option for parents of very active or forgetful kids, and for anyone who changes their eyewear as often as their outfits or wants inexpensive backup glasses to scatter wherever. Some reviews warn that you get what you pay for, while others say, for the price, you've got nothing to lose.

Gina Briles

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