Spring Air Back Supporter Review


Think Twice

Consumers seem disgruntled with these mattresses, citing problems with durability and comfort. The brand scores poorly in user satisfaction surveys conducted by review sites.

Consumer opinion is divided about the lower-end line of Spring Air Back Supporter innerspring mattresses, according to reviews. On Good Bed, for example, one Spring Air Back Supporter review complains about deep depressions in the middle of the bed while another says two people sleep comfortably without rolling onto each other. Spring Air Back Supporter reviews of the Camilla Euro Top on US-Mattress are likewise split: One purchaser likes the price but cautions that this model isn't suited for daily use by anyone who stands on the heavier side of the scale; another says the shape seems off so she and her husband don't sleep well; yet another contends the mattress provides appropriately firm support under a soft and comfortable pillowtop.

Sleeplikethedead.com looked at more than 150 Spring Air reviews written by consumers about several of its mattress lines, including Back Supporter, and found comparatively low rates of consumer satisfaction (particularly when stacked against the other brands in the study). The biggest gripe concerned early onset sagging -- within three or four years -- that was often associated with aches and pains. The Spring Air review notes, however, that at least some complaints concerned older mattresses and newer models may hold up better.

Spring Air's Back Supporter (starting around $479, Amazon) line is the cheapest in its portfolio. The mattresses are foam-encased and contain five zones of Conforma Coils. Most feature memory and latex foams but the number and thickness of the layers vary by model; coil count also depends on the model and mattress size. Back Supporter mattresses have a firmer edge for better seating. At least some models carry a 10-year warranty.

Spring Air Back Supporter mattresses are no bargain. And given the mediocre consumer feedback, you could spend the same amount of money on a mattress set bearing a brand label that garners far more enthusiasm from purchasers.

Raechel Conover

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