Oster 2500 Review



This is a good cheap mixer with a slightly less powerful motor than our other picks. Reviewers appreciate that the lowest of the five speed settings is low enough to keep ingredients safely contained in a bowl -- not a given in this price range. This lightweight mixer has an ergonomic design and comes with dough hooks in addition to traditional beaters.

Oster 2500 reviews on Amazon frequently note that the lowest speed is actually low enough to keep ingredients from splashing or puffing out of the bowl. In our online research, a budget hand mixer with a low first speed proved difficult to find. The variance you might expect from multiple speed settings isn't always a given, according to reviews. Many mixers don't seem to exert much less power on low than on high. Reviews laud the Oster 2500 (starting at $23, Amazon) as one of the few low-cost mixers with a true low speed that prevents huge messes. One reviewer gives thanks in an review on Amazon that she finally found a mixer with a speed slow enough to keep cream cheese and butter from flying out of a bowl. And yet this mixer isn't wanting for power, with 240 watts, a power burst button, and five speed settings.

The lightweight, ergonomic design of this model is another perk that's not usually found in budget mixers. The curvy shape is supposed to provide additional comfort and prevent unnecessary aches or strains. While one Oster 2500 review on Amazon mentions that the handle is comfortable, a few others note that the mixer isn't well-balanced -- it's heavier at the top, causing it to fall over when placed down. Reviews don't indicate that this makes the mixer difficult to manage while mixing, only that the design doesn't allow for times when the mixer is not in use.

The Oster 2500 comes with a set of dough hooks in addition to the standard beaters. It also features an eject button separate from the speed control, a design experts recommend so there's less risk of turning on the mixer by accident when removing attachments. All in all, our research suggests this is a good, cheap, no-mess mixer with all the necessary features and then some.

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