Oster 3-in-1 Twisting Mixer Review


Think Twice

This cordless hand mixer has room for only one attachment at a time (as opposed to the usual two beaters). The name refers to the three included attachments: a whisk, a drink mixer, and a standard beater. This mixer may look sleek, lightweight, and convenient, but user and expert reviews suggest it's no substitute for a full-size model.

At first glance, this cordless hand mixer may seem a convenient, compact, versatile tool, but Oster 3-in-1 Twisting Mixer reviews suggest otherwise. At less than 2 pounds and big enough for only one beater, the Oster 3-in-1 Twisting Mixer (starting at $20) can easily be whipped out for quick baking tasks and stored without taking up much room. However, this small mixer is so underpowered that it frustrates many consumers and placed dead last in an expert test conducted with cookie dough and whipping cream.

The Oster 3-in-1 Twisting Mixer is priced no cheaper than many full-size hand mixers that perform much better and provide more power. Other mixers provide a half-dozen speed settings, whereas this one has only two. In Oster 3-in-1 Twisting Mixer reviews on Amazon and Overstock, complaints about power are loudest, but consumers also mention disappointment with the battery, which they have to constantly recharge. A few observe that it lasts around 20 or 25 minutes and then takes 12 to 15 hours to recharge. With a low battery, users either can't get enough power to mix ingredients or must wait while the battery recharges -- the mixer won't work in the meantime.

True to its name, this mixer includes three attachments -- the standard beater, a whisk, and a drink rod -- and has a twisting head that turns it into a straight drink mixer. Unfortunately, Oster 3-in-1 Twisting Mixer reviews indicate it's not good for much beyond mixing drinks. However small and readily accessible this mixer may be, consumers are better off seeking out a more capable full-size mixer for around the same price.

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