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Cheap Mosquito Traps Buying Guide

Higher-priced mosquito traps generally come with bells and whistles such as adjustable fans, adjustable light and heat settings, and timers. They also tend to cover a much larger radius than cheap mosquito traps.

That being said, cheap mosquito traps can be effective in small yards and homes. For between $25 and $125, you can find a trap that does a reasonable job fending off the invading hordes. Most cheap mosquito traps have coverage areas of about half an acre; for bigger yards you need to spend a little more -- or space out several traps.

All mosquito traps use some kind of attractant to lure their prey. Most traps rely on more than one method. Mosquitoes respond to scents including carbon dioxide, octenol, and lactic acid, according to Mosquito Central, which researches and recommends mosquito traps. Some traps use all three scents. Other attractants include light, moving light, and heat.

Outdoor mosquito traps often use a combination of scent, light, and heat. Other cheap mosquito traps are designed for indoor use and usually don't use scented lures. While carbon dioxide can be used indoors, octenol and lactic acid are generally reserved for outdoor use because they have strong smells and are chemical-based. Some traps can be used indoors or out. These types of traps generally have the option to use a scented lure but also work without it.

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We relied on expert advice and user reviews when making our picks. User reviews of cheap mosquito traps are limited and a bit tricky to judge, as the category overall gets a lot of negative reviews from consumers who question whether even pricey mosquito traps really work. Experts point out that consumers need to use the traps properly. Mosquito Central recommends placing carbon dioxide traps in shaded areas at least 30 feet away from humans and upwind from mosquito breeding grounds -- i.e., areas of standing water. Mosquito traps work by decimating the population, so they must be used 24/7, not just when you plan to be outside. Many traps effectively eliminate mosquitoes from an area with proper placement and the correct attractants, according to HowStuffWorks.

Our favorite cheap mosquito trap is the Dynatrap DT1000 Insect Eliminator (starting at $96). This trap uses carbon dioxide and ultraviolet light and works both indoors and out. Next on our list is the Stinger Nosquito Indoor Insect Trap MA06 (starting at $28), which is an indoor-only trap and uses UV light and heat to attract mosquitoes. The Koolatron Mosquito Trap MK05 Champion (starting at $95) seems to get the worst user reviews and uses a pricey chemical-scented attractant that lasts only about three weeks before needing to be replaced.

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