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Stinger Nosquito Indoor Insect Trap MA06 4 Star Rating: Cheapism Good Pick
Where to Buy Stinger Nosquito Indoor Insect Trap MA06

The Stinger Nosquito Indoor Insect Trap MA06 (starting at $28, Amazon) impresses a majority of users posting Nosquito reviews at JR.com. They say it has eliminated mosquitoes from their homes, although most note that you must use it in the dark with no other lights on in order for it to work best. One user posting a review on the site reports that the unit has lasted for five years. In reviews at NorthlineExpress.com, users seem equally satisfied, saying the trap takes care of their indoor mosquito problems, although some gripe that the fan is on the noisy side.

The Stinger Nosquito Indoor Insect Trap MA06 is an exclusively indoor trap that uses ultraviolet light to attract the bugs and a fan to suck them in and trap them. One user who posted a Nosquito review at Ace Hardware also found it effective in an outdoor area protected from moisture. Unlike other traps, this one is designed with a removable tray to make it easier to empty -- although emptying any mosquito trap seems to be challenging. This mosquito trap runs on electricity (as opposed to propane).

We like the fact that the manufacturer recognized that mosquito traps are tough to empty and tried to make the task easier on users with the removable tray. This trap is also by far the least expensive on our list and users rate it relatively well. It's our pick for anyone looking for an indoor trap.

by Raechel Conover (Google+ Profile) – July 1, 2012
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