Colavita Review



(1 vote) The olives for this oil come exclusively from Italy and produce a taste our panelists described as "smooth," "tangy," and "very clean." The flavor is "neutral" and "not too sharp," according to the testers, some of whom considered this a detriment. They found the oil boring compared with other, more strongly flavored oils.

We wouldn't have been surprised to see Colavita ($6.59 for 250 ml, or 78 cents per ounce, Amazon) come out a clear winner in our blind taste test, given that it costs so much more per ounce than the other olive oils our panel tried and did well in an America's Test Kitchen tasting of supermarket olive oils. It also racks up mentions from Chowhounders recommending their favorite olive oils for everyday use on one of the food site's discussion boards.

While none of our tasters disliked this olive oil, it did not stand out, either. In our Colavita olive oil review, panelists described a smooth yet "straightforward" flavor. A few tasters also noticed a hint of "nuttiness" that tasted "almost like almonds." One said this brand "smelled the most olive-y." Our review concluded that this would be a good choice for topping lighter foods or using in salad dressings -- anywhere you don't want the olive taste to be too dominant.

Colavita is made exclusively in Italy, from Italian olives. It's the only olive oil on our list that comes in a dark green bottle, which experts favor because it protects the delicate oil from light that can damage it.

This oil may not excite you if you're dipping bread in it, but our Colavita olive oil review revealed a smooth, mild, and clean taste.

Elizabeth Sheer

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