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Think Twice

(No votes) This "balanced" and mild olive oil, made from olives imported from four countries, elicited no delight from our tasters, although they commented it would be "easy to use."

Bertolli ($8.49 for 500 ml, or 50 cents per ounce, Amazon) extols its extra virgin olive oil as rich and robust, but tasters came up with a decidedly different assessment in our Bertolli olive oil review. For people who like a strong olive-y flavor to top off pastas and salads, it's a little too innocuous, according a majority of panelists. One tester found it "very nutty," but most said it didn't have much taste. Bertolli is one of the best bets only if you're looking for a mild-tasting cooking oil that won't overpower other flavors. One tester noted that it was "the least bitter" among the oils our panel tasted.

That blandness, of course, is what you want in a cooking oil -- the goal is for the taste of the food to stand out, not the taste of the oil. In our Bertolli olive oil review, panelists suggested it would also be good in a vinaigrette, because it would blend in with other flavors.

Originally founded in 1865, Bertolli was the first exporter of olive oil, according to the brand's website, and boasts of having grown into the world's No. 1 olive oil brand. Package-goods giant Unilever owns the name but turned over its olive oil business to Spain's Grupo SOS in 2008. While the product is imported from Italy, Bertolli combines olive oils from Greece, Tunisia, and Spain as well. Where the olives come from may make no difference to you, but the taste surely does. Not a single tester rated Bertolli tops in our olive oil review.

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