Kenmore 90112


Most Kenmore 90112 reviews say the quality of this cheap electric stove is passable, as is the overall value. Although some reviews posted at Sears say the oven takes a while to preheat and is not always accurate, others report it heats evenly and bakes up a storm. And without a self-cleaning cycle, a few consumers gripe that the oven is hard to clean. Carping about uneven heat on the electric coils crops up in a couple of reviews, but others say they work fine.

Aside from its low price, the Kenmore 90112 (starting at $391) draws in consumers with its simplicity (limited electronics) and flexibility (burners in two sizes). The broiling function and high and low heat settings on the stovetop earn a nod from a consumer products testing organization. One user post on Sears, however, says that any temperature setting above the fifth of 10 options leaves the coils burning too hot.

The Kenmore 90112 comes with a standard, and basic, array of features. There are four coil elements (two 8-inch elements with 2,100 watts each and two 6-inch elements with 1,250 watts each), and a (large) 4.9-cubic-foot manual-clean oven. A digital panel controls the oven, which offers 105 temperature settings between 170 and 550 degrees Fahrenheit. There's also a timer with a buzzer but no automatic oven shut-off; some users contend the buzzer beeps too low to hear from even a short distance. The broiler is located in the oven and there's a storage door underneath. This model is available in white, black, and stainless steel and is backed by a one-year warranty.

The Kenmore 90112 is one of the few stoves so inexpensively priced that the stainless steel version costs less than $500, even when not on sale. Without a strong consensus about it, however, other models may be safer bets.

Elizabeth Sheer

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