Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag Review


Think Twice

This rectangular sleeping bag might keep you warm on chilly nights but problems with zippers and the lining leave users in the cold. Coleman makes other cheap sleeping bags that garner better reviews.

Most of the Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag reviews that we found were posted by unhappy campers. In reviews on Amazon, users share a litany of gripes, mostly having to do with build quality. Users write about zipper seams that rip, zippers that snag on the outer shell, broken zippers on brand new bags, fibers that come loose when the bag is unfurled, and an inner lining that rips and picks up ground vegetation. On the other hand, a sleeping bag review on Overstock says the bag has some good "fluff" and is also a good value.

The Brazos Cold-Weather (starting at $26, Amazon) sleeping bag has a 20-40 degree rating, but the only comment we read pertaining to warmth concerns its success as a blanket for indoor sleeping. With its 75"x33" dimensions, it can hold users up to 5'11"; take that specification seriously -- a six-footer writes he could barely move once tucked inside. The bag features four pounds of a proprietary insulation, soft tricot liner, and polyester cover.

This rectangular bag may do for the occasional three-season car campout ( users say it's too heavy to carry on your back), but reviews suggest it probably won't withstand many outings. Other cheap Coleman sleeping bags would be better choices.

Maralyn Edid

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