Coleman Scattered Boy's/Girl's Sleeping Bags Review


In addition to a wide assortment of cheap sleeping bags for adults, Coleman makes super-cheap sleeping bags for kids. And the Scattered Boy's/ Girl's Sleeping Bag (starting at $19) is one that wins applause from parents in sleeping bags reviews. This bag comes in gender-specific versions (different patterns and colors), and Coleman Scattered sleeping bag reviews on Amazon say the floral motif and vibrant color of the girl's model is appealingly feminine. Parents write in reviews that children happily use them for sleepovers and movie nights, without getting overheated, and they work just as well for outdoor camping in mild weather. One mother notes that her two-year-old handily manages the zipper but several reviews note the strings are difficult for some kids to tie after the bag is rolled up; one parent suggests Velcro straps would be a big, and simple, improvement.

Coleman Scattered sleeping bag reviews generally say this is a well-made, durable product. But unlike cheap Coleman sleeping bags for adults, which are lined in flannel, these kids' sleeping bags are lined with polyester; one parent notes this can be noisy at night and another says it makes for a low-quality feel. Still, with its 60" x 26" measurements, the Coleman Scattered sleeping bag is right-sized for children up to 4'11 . It holds two pounds of synthetic fill insulation and is machine washable.

This is a top-notch sleeping bag for kids, but one that may be nearing the end of its product life. If you have trouble finding it, check out other kids' sleeping bags by Coleman in the same price range.

Maralyn Edid

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