Numark TTUSB Turntable Review



This plug-and-play turntable from Numark is distinguished by a 1/8 - inch stereo mini-jack input connector that digitizes cassette tapes as well as vinyl records. Like other USB turntables, it has an anti-skate feature and comes bundled with Audacity software and additional software that can filter out the pops of old vinyl. On the downside, the turntable is completely manual, and the power switch is set in the back, which can be awkward to reach with a record on the platter.

Numark's TTUSB (starting at $90, Amazon) turntable gives users many essential features, such as a moving magnet cartridge, anti-skate adjustment, and an offset tonearm. The built-in 78 rpm software support lets users digitize 78's without a hassle, as a Numark TTUSB review notes on Like many other cheap USB turntables, the Newmark TTUSB features Audacity software for digitizing vinyl. As one Numark TTUSB reviewer writes on, users can even digitize old cassette tapes using a 1/8-inch jack connector.

In a Numark TTUSB review on Epinions, a user writes that the MP3's created from vinyl spinning on this platter are the same quality as MP3's made from ripping a CD. Although there's always a slight loss of quality from the original recording when creating an MP3 on any device, the Numark TTUSB does the job at least as well as others. That said, another Numark TTUSB review on Epinions suggests upgrading to a better needle in order to improve the sound quality.

The Numark TTUSB boasts solid construction for the price, although it doesn't measure up to the steel design of more expensive models. But consumers looking for a cheap solution to digitizing vinyl or just listening to records will be pleased with the value-to-price ratio.

Maralyn Edid

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